MSPFW Part 1. by Lucie Jane

Fashion week is here! So far I’ve been involved in two wonderful events, The annual U of M fashion show: Twelve, and The Red Dress Event.

Twelve was amazing.  The format and layout of the runway and seating was completely different than past years and it made the event so much more professional, loved it.  Here are shots from the show of my piece:

[Photo by Amy Gee]

[Photo by Kevin C. Walker]

Backstage silliness 🙂

The Red Dress Event was a wonderful event where I was able to be the lovely Laura Fulk’s design assistant for the evening.  Laura is a good friend of mine and I have had the opportunity to intern with her, as well as model for her.

Here is me with the lovely Jennifer Scheffler, and Laura Fulk.

And one more of Laura and me…

Hope to see you all at Resurgent on Thursday!!!

xo, Lucie Jane


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