Minneapolis St. Paul Fashion Week by Lucie Jane

Are you as excited as I am for fashion week?! Woohoo! This year MNFashion decided to change Spring Fashion week to February rather than April in past years.  This change was to align Minnesota’s fashion industry with bigger fashion capitols around the area, like NYC etc. Designers next week will also be showing F/W 2012 looks in order to give them enough time to fill orders for boutiques/etc. These are all smart changes and I look forward to seeing how the affect the local market. As far as events, here is what I am involved in and excited for!
Saturday, February 18th: Twelve
This is the annual show the University of Minnesota puts on showcasing their student designers.  Seniors design a 5-6 piece mini line, while Juniors (myself) show one piece to give the audience a taste of what is to come the next year.  I am really looking forward to this show because I love the piece I will be showing: my burgundy and black tailored pea coat/jacket.  Here is a picture of my piece:
Sunday, February 19th: Red Dress Event
This event features prominent local designers creating red dresses in honor of women’s heart health month.  The dresses will be modeled by local “celebrities” such as model, Kaela Humphries.  I will be assisting designer Laura Fulk backstage before and during the event.  I interned with Laura and have worked with her quite a few times in the past and she is as lovely as she is talented. 🙂  Here is a shot of me in one of Laura’s designs:
Thursday, February 23rd: Resurgent
This show features the work of local boutique “You and Me” designers: Camille Fashions, Katy Schmaty Jewelry, and Tim+Thom.  I will be modeling for Camille Fashions and I am very excited about the opportunity. Here is a shot from Tim+Thom’s show in Voltage 2011:
All ticket information for the events I mentioned can be found online. I hope to see you at the shows!
xo, Lucie Jane

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