Make your Beau a Bowtie for Vday!

Something that I have always wanted to do, since I love them so much, is make my man a bow tie. And being the huge nerd that I am, ideally I would want this said bow tie to correspond in some way to something that  I love wearing.

I have been searching  for a great how-to-guide on the internets and found that A Beautiful Mess has done a great job and laying down the instructions. Her featured clip on bowties are adorable and has inspired me to even think about printing my own fabric!

My main objective for searching for this sort of project is that bow ties are undeniably so much fun, super stylish but also would make an incredible gift! And Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. So why not use this as an opportunity to make something super sweet and special?! I think you should. And I think I should!

The instructions are pretty straight-forward; here they are:

1. For a sewing projects that you want to repete over and over, it’s wise to make yourself a paper patterns to keep. The measurement for the large piece is 9 inches x 4.5 inches. You’ll also need a matching tiny piece that is 1.25 inches x 2.5 inches.

2. Iron fusible interfacing on the back of the large piece and trim the edges if necessary.

3. Fold the long edges in towards the middle.

4. Fold both open ends in toward the middle. At this stage, iron it in the rectangle folds for extra crisp edges!

5. Pinch your rectangle in the center to create a bow shape and stitch it at the folds.

6. Stitch a bow tie clip on both sides (these can be purchased on Etsy under “supplies”) on the back of the bow tie.

7. Fold the tiny piece of fabric just like step 3, iron it, then wrap and stitch it on the center of your bow tie!

8. Done! Time to dress up!

by Nkechi Njaka

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