Our ArielSimone Experience of Avoid the Grey 2012

So we having been amping Avoid the Grey for the past two weeks, and with good reason! This past Saturday (February 4th, 1012), we joined Minneapolis’ beloved boutique Cliché for their annual Avoid the Grey fashion show, which is their signature event and has been for the past seven years.

But this year store owners Josh and Delayna did something different. They got rid of the runway for a nontraditional gallery-like fashion event to display the array of local talent in its own unique conceptual viewing space. Inspired by the idea of voyeurism, local designers which included Christine Carmichael with Larissa Loden, Rachel Blomgren with Chrysopeia, Gina Marie Vintage with Larissa Loden, Amanda Christine with Sweet T, ArielSimone with realia by jen, KJurek with KR Designs, Danielle Everine with KR Designs, Sarah M. Holm with Sweet T, Kathryn V with Cocoquette and Needle & Black with Cocoquette presented designs that represented an installation more than it did anything else.

The beautiful designs were positioned in white enclosed boxes. Each look had her own box and art work created by Bryant Locher, Caroline Debevec, Daniel Jaffe, Emilie Robinson or Isa Gagarin. Each viewing box was created to match the fashion designer’s concept and theme, fully furnished with silent films, lights, props, and in one case smoke. Each set + design displayed an over-the-top look viewable through individual chambers. These amazing peep-holes gave spectators the viewing experience of curiously looking at something other-worldly and in complete isolation. The effect was amazing, allowing onlookers to take in what they wanted, and for as long as they desired.

The multi-media event was further complimented by fantastic DJ sets complied by DJs Ken Hannigan and DJ Cardigan (AKA Cliché co-owner Josh Sundberg). There was also a short film screening from Andrea Bursott and a cash bar to keep everyone in great spirits.

Clearly, this was our favorite look of the night– Elle totally KILLED it.


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