Realia by Jen: A Look at what’s to Come

As you know, one of our favorite jewelry designers to partner with is Jennifer Scheffler of Realia by Jen. We loooooove working with Jen for anything fashion related– whether it be for photo shoots, runway shows or holiday parties!

We are so excited to be working with Jen this season for Minnesota Fashion Week and we wanted to take a moment to introduce her and her jewels. And that’s not all– We also think that  in addition to enjoying a sneak peak of the designs , you’ll also enjoy a snippet of an exclusive interview that we had with the designer herself! Photos include  the jewelry that Jen made for Avoid The Grey for our lovely model, Elle Lemler as well the three piece mini-collection that was created for sale! The full interview will be posted later this month with more images!

When asked what projects she is currently working on, Jen’s response is so perfectly timed with our post!

JS: I am in the process of pulling together my 2012 (spring/summer and fall/winter)
collections! As well, I am working with local designer ArielSimone on a mini-collection
for the upcoming Avoid The Grey show with Cliché. It is a beautiful and deliciously
sparkly mini collection with my favorite Swarovski crystals all over it! It is a pairing that
will take us all outside of the box! (pun intended…)

Allow us to take a moment to promote the said (and much anticipated) Avoid the Grey show, since it is not too late to purchase tickets!  It is THIS SATURDAY at 79 13th Avenue NE, 7 PM SHARP! Come and see the amazing work of  Realia by Jen paired with our very exciting and very bright ArielSimone Avoid the Grey garment. It will be fun to see what new jewels Jen has in store this season and a perfect time to consider what pieces you might want for Valentine’s Day or to pair with another special occasion on the calendar.

Obviously, you know where to get ArielSimone garments, but to purchase Jen’s jewels, visit Realia by Jen online. Stay tuned for our much longer feature on Jen, covering everything from her personal aesthetic to advice for up and comers!


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