MSPFW Part 2: Resurgent by Lucie Jane

I can’t believe fashion week is over! Overall I thought this year’s fashion week was definitely a step in the right direction.  A focus on quality events instead of quantity, more professional events, and giving designers time to fulfill orders for the next season all combined into a great week of fashion.

On Thursday I had the pleasure of walking in Resurgent: A Winter Fashion Rock Show.  The show was an accumulative effort of all the designers who currently sell their pieces at You & Me in uptown: Tim and Thom Navarro, Deborah Block, and Katy Vereide.  I wore  Deborah Block/Camille Design’s ensemble and absolutely loved it! I would rock those pants and jacket any day 🙂

Here are some shots:

{Photo Source: Corey Tenold and Nic Abreco}

In other news, I am starting prototyping for NASA this week! I am testing our entire garments, as well as a variety of conductive yarns and fasteners to deduce what the best option is for my project.  More on that soon!

xo, Lucie Jane

Cliche Meeting– New Spring Garments

The stream-line process has begun!

Yesterday we met with our new Manufacturing team and today we had a boutique meeting with our favorite Minneapolis boutique Cliche. We were able to discuss  some of our spring collection garments with Josh and he placed his order based on what will sell best with his customer.  We are so excited! Just wanted to let you know that this spring you will be able to get the following pieces at Cliche:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We will continue to update you on how things are going with our manufacturers. We love this new addition to our ArielSimone team and we are thrilled that our plans to expand are starting to unfold in such a positive way! We also have a very special project we are working on that we can’t wait to share!!

Oscars 2012: Best and Worst Dressed by Adrienne Yancy

There were some very funny and entertaining moments this year, including the orchestral presentation by Zach Galifianakis and Will Ferrell, and Sacha Cohen dumping ashes on Ryan Secrest, but eight-time host Billy Crystal fell flat the whole evening. Angelina Jolie looked extremely thin, and the models who escorted the actors on and off the stage had better dresses than many of the actresses who walked the carpet!  Overall, the 84th annual Oscars were a chic, star-studded event, and my favorite part was when Cirque du Soleil performed!

Now onto the Red Carpet!! Overall there were a lot of pulled back hair styles, and simple styling to accompany most of the detailed gowns. My two picks for best dressed:

Giuliana Rancic – This dress fits impeccably and the styling is simple and elegant. The perfect show stopper for the Oscars!

Michelle Williams – I love the coral color, peplum, and brooch addition. A perfect spring inspired look. I think she would have looked even more amazing with a different clutch, but she looks great!

Now onto a few other great looking gals:

Ellie Kemper – The all-over sequin and sculpted bodice take this dress over the top for me. I love how the bronze and gold go so well with her hair. It’s a wonderfully styled, complete look.

Emma Stone – This jewel toned dress looks great, and it doesn’t make her look old. The fabric moved wonderfully on the red carpet and I love the large bow and keyhole slit down the bust.

Glen Close – The blazer over this dress makes the look a winner for me. Last week someone mentioned the growing popularity of the blazer and gown pairing, and seeing it makes me a believer! Glen Close looks wonderful and age-appropriate; her body is on fire!

Gwyneth Paltrow – Her cape and the wonderful eggshell color make this look a best dressed. On the stage, when presenting she came out sans cape, and it was definitely incomplete without it.

Kelly Osbourne – Wonderful dress, great curvy shape, but WTH is going on with her hair??? Last time I saw her she looked completely gray, now she’s got a purple tint to her graying mane… I’m completely distracted by the hair.

Natalie Portman – Last year at this time she looked great pregnant, in the purple Rodarte dress, but this year she falls to the bottom of my list, which lands her at one of the worst dressed of the evening. The dress looks regular, which means boring. On a side note: her neck was draped in stunning diamonds, I wonder how many carats she’s rocking!

Rooney Mara – I was hoping to see something totally different from this actress. The sculpting that is directly on the bust doesn’t look right, and it’s distracting from her gorgeous face. I’m hoping this is the first of many times that I’ll see her walk a red carpet, because I’d like to get a sense of her style.

 Sherri Shephard – This is not how you make an oversized bust look smaller, and the exposed black bra? What was she thinking?? To balance the oversized bust she should have done a fuller skirt with a cinched waist.

My best dressed male for the evening:

Pharell Williams – The velvet bowtie makes this look best dressed along with the beautiful satin trim on his slim tux. Great job Pharell!

{Photo Source}

by Adrienne Yancy


Review of MSPFW by Adrienne Yancy

Fortunately for us, with the new Fashion Week Calendar, we were able to go to many different events with hardly any overlap– thanks to the new and improved MSPFW. We (the Minnesota fashion community)  are now showing around the same time as larger fashion capitals (eg. New York and London), Minnesota Fashion seems a bit more relevant.  And by keeping the amount of shows down,  it was easier to attend more events and not feel like we were missing out on what our peers were presenting.

Here’s a quick review of what we saw this week, but keep in mind that there are two more events tomorrow also! The calendar of events can be viewed online.

Styles for Smiles

{Photo Source: Ruby Girl}

This was a very chill event at venue that was impossible to find. For some reason the directions were not correctly listed on any web source, which may have given every attendee a bad mood coming into the fundraising event! The runway portion of the event left much to be desired, and was understyled. At a fashion event, I love to see things that are new and never-been-seen. However, this show presented run-of-the-mill looks– some of which can be purchased at Heartbreaker and/or would never be considered high fashion. Other than that, the space was amazing! There were treats (who doesn’t love a cupcake or two!?), wine, and shopping which make for one happy girl!

The Red Dress Collection

These and more photos can be found on our Facebook Page!

This show was a great combination of local Minnesota designers who all dressed a ‘local celeb’ in a red dress to raise money and awareness for Heart Disease and women’s heart health programs. Sandy Simmons was our model (above in the ruffle back dress) and she looks amazing in her ArielSimone design. Seven Sushi was a great location, and the place was set up very well. My favorite thing about this show was seeing how different each designers look was, even though we all were required to use red fabric! The least favorite thing about this show was how the venue was only half full. Even though tickets were sold out a week before the show, an entire section of the venue was empty. We heard and witnessed excited supportors being turned away from the event due to ‘capacity’ restraints, which is rather unfortunate. This could have easily been used as an opportunity to raise more money and awareness for the charity in support. Overall, it was well received. We are also extremely thrilled to see this show grow for future MSPFW seasons. We look forward to next year (and hopefully a bigger space to accomodate more people)!

Emerging Designer Showcase

{Photo Source: Rhea Pappas}

Held at the CO Exhibition space, this show was produced by MNFashion and L’etoile. The concept was to show a ‘taste’ of a few emerging designers’ collections. One of my great friends Marissa Bridges showed at this show, her looks are above, and Marissa the designer is on the right. The other standout at this show was Caroline Hayden’s mini collection. Her black evening gown is above also. I did get to see this garment up close and the design was great! I would have like to have seen a greater turnout,  but I’m not sure the small space couldn’t have handled too much more anyway. Overall a great evening, but let me not forget to mention the music! Live music is always fun.

{Photo Source: Corey Tenold}

Oso performed a selection of songs with Mayda Miller. The duo played a couple sets– their sound varying from soulful and happy to electronic and dancy. Oso has an amazing stage presence (she should add hosting to her resume!) and Mayda has such a big, beautiful, soulful voice despite her meek appearance.

The Shows


Emma Berg

Amanda Christine

Set up like a truly traditional NY style show, this show went off without a hitch, and also without most of its viewers! A large portion of the crowd didn’t show until the second presentation.  The Shows designers were: Kjurek, Emma Berg, and Amanda Christine.  Each designer got their own separate presentation and models.  I liked a good number of looks overall, and there was a great crowd. Each designer has a very different aesthetic and mood, and it was really fun to see! At shows like these, I wish we had buyers and real industry professionals to help take designers to the next level in their careers.


{Photo Source: Corey Tenold}Resurgent was held at The Amsterdam bar in St. Paul, which I’d never been to before. They did a great job making it a runway space.  The runway show was slated to start at 7:30, but unfortunately didn’t begin until after 8:30. The post-apocalyptic, indigenous theme was a bit confusing, and I think the styling was over-the-top theatrical. I saw a lot of unfinished hems, puckering, and loose threads here and there, which may or may not have been on purpose because of the theme. I’m just not sure. The standout of the show was the upbeat DJ (D.J. Encounter) that kept us entertained throughout the show with her amazing personal and improvised choreography.  Also, there were a few menswear pieces that were really great!  Overall, I think they may have tried to push out too many looks, and should have instead focused on the tailoring and finishing.

 by Adrienne Yancy

A Look at LFW

London Fashion Week just ended last night, and since we have been so busy with our own  humble fashion week in Minnesota, we haven’t been able to keep up with all the amazing fashion being presented around the world. We found some great photos of some of the LFW highlights and provided links to video  if the images piqued your interest. Enjoy!!

Meadham Kirchoff

Moschino Cheap and Chic

Burberry Prorsum

Mary Katrantzou


{All images are from a favorite and popular person style/fashion blog: The Man Repeller}

MSPFW Part 1. by Lucie Jane

Fashion week is here! So far I’ve been involved in two wonderful events, The annual U of M fashion show: Twelve, and The Red Dress Event.

Twelve was amazing.  The format and layout of the runway and seating was completely different than past years and it made the event so much more professional, loved it.  Here are shots from the show of my piece:

[Photo by Amy Gee]

[Photo by Kevin C. Walker]

Backstage silliness 🙂

The Red Dress Event was a wonderful event where I was able to be the lovely Laura Fulk’s design assistant for the evening.  Laura is a good friend of mine and I have had the opportunity to intern with her, as well as model for her.

Here is me with the lovely Jennifer Scheffler, and Laura Fulk.

And one more of Laura and me…

Hope to see you all at Resurgent on Thursday!!!

xo, Lucie Jane

Fashion Week Personality Parodies

The viral craze of ‘Sh*t _______ says’ has reached the fashion world!  In honor of all the people (models, designers, photographers, hair and makeup, fashion bloggers) you’ll find during any city’s fashion week, we’ve compiled a few of our faves. Unfortunately, one of them is only available on vimeo, which is not currently supported by wordpress, but here is the link. Here are a few others from YouTube.

Let us know what your favorite lines were and if there was something you heard more than once this week or last!

MSPFW Is Here!

MNfashion’s sponsored Minneapolis-St. Paul Fashion Week has officially begun (as you know because we’ve been hyping our events all last week). The official kick off party was last night. Remember, we talked about it twice last week– The Red Dress Collection. We have some great images from the evening, which you can check out on facebook. It was a great event for a great cause. Our model Sandy was amazing– she simply looked STUNNING and we absolutely loved the realia by jen jewels that Jen styled our look with. To say that we were pleased with how things turn out would be an understatement!  We were happy to be able to support the charity and raise our glasses to celebrate fashion and philanthropy.

Even thought that is the last show in MN Fashion Week  that we will be working, we are excited to support our peers and local design friends throughout the week. We will have plenty of words and photos to fill you in if you are not able to attend everything.

Speaking of attendance, we are thrilled that the MN Fashion team curated and streamlined a calendar for the week with no overlap so that MSPFW attendees won’t have to miss a single show or event.

We’ve worked hard to create a well-edited mix of events that represent fashion and style in the Twin Cities…. All of these events are a can’t-miss and, fortunately, with our new scheduling process you won’t have to.

— Nicole Dixon, Fashion Week Director.

All events fall under one of three categories: The Shows, satellite runway shows and retail events. Voted the best local designer showcase by Minnesota Monthly, The Shows  are making a triumphant return on Wednesday, Feb. 21 with Emma Berg, Kimberly Jurek and Amanda Christine. Produced by MNfashion, The Shows have raised the bar for local runway shows and will continue that tradition this season.

Resurgent is on Thursday. You and Me will be producing their for their first-ever fashion runway show during this week hosted at the new Bar Amsterdam in St. Paul. Four designers have come together to create their first official line under the You And Me label, featuring: Camille Fashions, Katy Schmaty Jewelry, and Tim+Thom. By combining their creative efforts, they’ve created a line featuring Men’s and Women’s ready to wear clothing, jewelry, and accessories. Live Music by Loveless Aphrodite, Tiger Vs., and D.J. Encounter.

Another event that we are super excited about is the J.W. Hulme and Pierrepont Hicks event. Known for their genius creation NorthernGRADE Menswear Market, these fashionable producers will bring you SnowGRADE, a pop-up market for men, brought on by request. All vendors are American-made manufacturers. Local vendors include: Northern BrewersClancey’s Meats and FishFaribault Woolen Mills and more. It’s super hot and a great place to scope out cute duds for your man. And just a great event to scope out cute guys too 🙂

To see a complete event listing, visit the calendar.

Red Dress Collection Fashion Show

Wow…. we are both delighted and surprised that tickets for the Red Dress Collection Fashion show have officially sold out!!! We must say, we’re so excited to be a part of such an event this year and can’t wait for the evening! The wonderful Sandy Simmons will be our model for the evening, and we are so excited to bring out her fun personality in a stunning red dress!

We would never pass up an opportunity to work with the wonderful Jen Scheffler of Realia by Jen. Her jewelry works well with anything, but we are especially excited to see what she’s going to create for this show!! Here is a sneak peak of one of the many items you’ll be seeing from her! These are available for purchase online.

{realia by jen}

In addition to the runway show at 7pm, we will also have a silent auction beginning at 6pm with jewelry, makeup, artwork, fitness, and sports packages, among other items. Each auction package will include a sketch from one of the participating designers of the red dress that they created for the event!! Pretty awesome, huh?! Proceeds from the evening will benefit the University of Minnesota Physicians Heart: Women’s Heart Program.

Other designers include Christopher Straub, Danielle Everine, Laura Fulk, Emma Berg, Maritza Ramirez, Max Lohrbach, Sarah Holm, Rachel Blomgren, Thom Navarro and Tim Navarro, and models include Kaela Humphries, Laura Schara, Robyne Robinson, Allison Kaplan, Jennifer Kline, Landyn Hutchinson, Ann Carroll, Amy James, Sandy Simmons, Alexus Koch, and Dr. Jennifer Dankle.

IF YOU GOT A TICKET, we will see you there:

Sunday, February 19, 2012
6-9 p.m.
700 Hennepin Avenue N., Minneapolis
Tickets: $20-$50

Vetements Essentiels Pour Une Garde-robe Parfaite

We have a new fashion friend who will be sharing her French perspective with us! Visiting  from Paris, meet our newest ArielSimone guest blogger, with her first piece on the essentials…

Vetements Essentiels Pour Une Garde-robe Parfaite                                                   8 essential clothes for a perfect wardrobe

Christina Aguilera sings “What a girl wants, what a girl need” and I found the answer to her question: 

#1 Black Suit

Everyone needs a great black suit. It also happens to be one of the hardest items to shop for. Make sure to consider the fit and fabric when shopping. Also make sure you like the jacket and pants as separates. There are endless possibilities for wearing a suit jacket–over a cocktail dress, with jeans or with a colorful skirt. And everyone needs a great pair of black pants.


Very beautiful Leighton Meester was wearing a black suit at Gotham Independent Film Awards on November 29 at Cipriani Wall Street in New York City.

#2 Black Pumps

If you’re going to splurge on one pair of great black pumps, make sure they’re comfortable because you’ll wear them with everything.

Keira Knightly has paired formal trousers and semi coat with high black pumps. Couldn’t be anymore perfect.

#3 Trench Coat

Soon after it was designed by Thomas Burberry for soldiers to wear during World War I, the trench coat became a fashion must-have for women as well as men. Wear it over jeans and instantly transform yourself into Audrey Hepburn. Wear it over a cocktail dress for a dressed-down but polished evening look.


Emma Watson has gone for a nude, cinched waist trench coat. The millitary look is so in fashion this season.

#4 Little Black Dress

The little black dress is an essential piece in any woman’s wardrobe. There are a lot of black dress options and you should try on at least a dozen before deciding what looks best on you. Whether it’s sleeveless, has short sleeves, is straighter or more full–your black dress should be ultra flattering.

Blake lively attended the 7th annual CFDA/Vogue fashion Fund Awards at Skylight SOHO on November, 15 2010 in New York city.

#5 White Blouse

A classic white blouse can work with any outfit, and French designer Anne Fontaine knows this well. A white blouse can be worn just as easily on casual Fridays as it can to a black-tie affair with a taffeta skirt. 

Alexis Bledel came out to an ELLE Fashion Event looking pretty as always in a crisp white sleeveless blouse. If you’re wearing basic pieces make sure to add a few bold accessories to make your outfit pop.

#6 Cashmere Sweater

Cashmere sweaters last longer and look more elegant than any sweaters. Pair with black trousers for a casual day at work or wear it around your shoulders during a cocktail event to fight the chill.

 Let’s end this article with this photo of Prince William and his lady-love Kate Middleton who’s seen here wearing a Ralph Lauren Black Label Cashmere Sweater. Isn’t it cute ?

#7 Pencil Skirt

The pencil skirt is back in fashion. Pair it with a white blouse for work, a cashmere sweater in the evening or a T-shirt on the weekend.

 Scarlett Johansson was presented in Madrid this month as the new image of Mango clothing line. Her sleek pencil skirt with a ribbon-tied waist was flattering. It hits right at the knees. This is the perfect professional skirt for career minded women. And we can afford it!

#8 Ballet Flats

Heels are great, but let’s face it, most of us don’t have the pain tolerance to wear them at work all day, every day. A great pair of ballet flats can be worn on your way to work and then traded for heels. They also add an elegant but casual appeal to anything in your wardrobe.

 Kate Moss was photographed in Primrose Hill, London, where she was having lunch at Lemonia with a friend. She really does own the skinny jeans and ballet flats look.

 by Megan Kerivel