Meet our Lovely Interns!

So we have been keeping a secret (kinda) from all of you. We’ve been keeping you in the loop with all our projects big and small but we haven’t told you who has been assisting us with them! We wanted to FINALLY introduce our lovely Winter/Spring ArielSimone interns. We have two of them and they are so wonderful. They have been helping us and we wanted to let you get to know a little bit about them.

Meet Taylor: Born & Raised in Billings, Montana and Bloomington, Minnesota, she is a freshman at Drake University and a double major in Business Management and Marketing. Her career aspirations include marketing for a fashion company and/or opening her own boutique. When asked about her experience working in fashion, she explained, ‘I really enjoy working in fashion because I love it!  I don’t think of it as work at all.  [With ArielSimone,] I love being able to explore the other parts of the fashion world besides the clothes. I love fashion and I love business, so with ArielSimone, it’s like I get the best of both worlds!’

Meet Hope: Born & Raised in Red Wing, MN, she is a senior at North Central University, majoring in Business Administration with hopes of working in the fashion industry and nutrition. When asked about her experience working with us, Hope responded, ‘I grew up with five brothers and the last thing I thought I would get into was fashion….ArielSimone has given me the opportunity to bring together two of my favorite things, fashion and business.  It has been fun getting to know the team and I am excited for all that is ahead!”


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