Kanye West, the Fashion Designer? by Adrienne Yancy

So many may not have heard, but Kanye West is now a womenswear designer! He just showed his first collection for Spring/Summer 2012 a few months ago.  Kanye is not only known for his musical success but also his politics, outspoken-ness and not to mention award show antics…so would his collection include any of that spice? After all of his musical successes over the years, I wanted to see his parlay into women’s fashion and see if he was successful in bringing ‘Kanye’ to a new industry.

I think his collection was a bit heavy for the first run. I feel like he tried to do too much since this was his first go, and many critics are in agreement, but he did have a red carpet front row, including the Olson twins, Fendi and her daughter, Dean and Dan Caten, Olivier Theyskens, and Jeremy Scott among many others.


His hip hop influence is definitely there, but I was also seeing a Spanish influence and also video vixen inspired looks. He included many trends that could have been taken into their own separate collections altogether. He featured cutouts, leather, metalwork, sheers, and some sculptural looks that meshed into an incohesive collection as a whole. I really liked his use of white, and the layering, but the shoes for many of the looks were really throwing me off. Kanye did have some help with his first show including Kim Jones, Louise Goldin, Katie Eary, and Louise Wilson on the short list. I think he may have been pulled into too many directions with guidance, and maybe this is a reason for the lack of cohesion in his show.

I definitely am looking forward to seeing more from this fashion icon– I’m just hoping that he finds his voice. I also suggest you all go to style.com and take a look at his complete collection for yourself!

{Photo source 1 & 2}

by Adrienne Yancy


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