A Shara Smallwood Update!

Professional dancer and choreographer, Shara Smallwood is the NEW up and coming artist to watch!  She is also a friend and fan of ArielSimone and we wanted to follow up with our feature of this dazzling LA star.

When we last spoke to Shara, back in November, she had just finished working on a project for Glee, where she was as a dancer as well as choreographer. She had also just begun choreographing a new dance project focusing on African American music. If you are in LA, you can catch Shara’s latestwork in the upcoming 2012 African American Film and Arts Festival in Los Angeles, California, where her original piece, “The life and struggle of James Brown”, will debut. We will make sure to post a video of the final work when it becomes available!

While pursuing a professional dance career in LA, she has begun to put her mark in the entertainment industry as a dancer, choreographer, and private coach. After performing for clients such as; Beyonce, Glee, and Lula Washington Dance Theater, she has now mixed her dance experience with fitness and artist development, creating a line of classes known as Shara Smallwood Master Classes.

Shara Smallwood Master Classes includes dance and fitness based classes, as well as private coaching services for ages 18 and up.  Her cliental includes professional artist and athletes to intermediate artists and training athletes. Master classes include; power hip-hop aerobics, artist performance development, audition preparation, zumba fitness and more.  Private coaching is for the serious performer, who wants to accelerate their development. Whether you want to burn a few extra calories, stand-out for your next stage performance, or fine tune your dance skills, Shara Smallwood master classes are for you.

Currently, Shara is holding master classes in Los Angeles, San Diego, Minneapolis, and Madison, Wisconsin. Bring out the artist in you and book Shara today! To register for master classes and for more information, visit her site.


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