Hair trend: Bow Tie Hair

Lady Gaga has been an obvious source of inspiration when it comes to avant-garde or just outright shocking hairstyles. One hairstyle that seems to become more and more popular among fashionable women is the famed bow tie hairstyle. Whether or not she is the official trendsetter of this look, we still want to be able to replicate for those fun nights out! It’s surprisingly a pretty easy hairstyle to do with not a lot of prep time or materials needed.
Lady Gaga Bow HairstyleLady Gaga Bow

You will need:

  • Flat iron, if your hair is not naturally straight
  • Bobby pins
  • A hair elastic

So there are actually a couple ways to do this– and it doesn’t matter if you have short hair or long hair.  The first step (once your hair is straight) is pulling your hair into a high ponytail secured by the elastic, leaving a little bundle of hair (or a bun) in the front of the elastic. Leave some hair remaining, as that will be used to create the center of the bow.  Part the hair of the bun evenly or until you reach the desired width of the bow.

Once you have parted the remaining hair of the ponytail into two sections, take the hair remaining loose in the front and pull it over the center of the bow. You can secure the hair before rolling it over the center by pinning it before right where it will fold over in the opposite direction.. You can also create two mini ponytail buns to create the look below, but the first way is a bit more interesting.  It’s helpful, too, to pin the sides of the bow down to control floppiness.

 If this method seems a little bit complicated (or if you are a visual learner!), we found this really helpful how-to video that makes everything look so much easier than the above description.

If you are all about style and trend, we encourage you to try out the bow tie hair look! It is a perfect hairstyle for casual wear, partying or even a fancier night out. You may even see it on the runway at one of our upcoming ArielSimone fashion shows this season!!


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