Laura Fulk Collaboration! by Lucie Jane

This past Sunday I had the pleasure of working with the lovely and talented designer Laura Fulk.  This particular project was in association with Urban Threads, a local embroidery company.  Embroiderer Niamh O’Connor created a beautiful scene of edgy fashion forward embroidery on Laura’s punky jacket.  I loved the combination!

For this shoot I was the model for a photo shoot featuring the jacket for a variety of features/publications.

Without giving anything away here are some backstage shots, check out my bloglater this week for more!

Makeup/hair artist, Sara Capers working her magic on my mane!

Photographer Burt Edwards shootin’ it up!

I will be sure to share the final shots when they are published/featured in the various places they are sure to be!


Designer: Laura Fulk
Embroiderer: Niamh O’Connor
Photographer: Burt Edwards
Makeup/hair: Sara Capers

by Lucie Jane

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