Red Carpet Review: The 2012 Golden Globes

We warned you it was coming! The Golden Globes have come and gone, and here we remain to give you a glimpse of the red carpet looks! From those that we covet to those that we despise, we’ll go through a select few for you! Besides Helen Mirren looking 50 years younger, and Kelly Osbourne looking 50 years older, I didn’t see too many shockingly amazing dresses.

We definitely have a winner in Charlize! I love the new silhouette; it’s something I haven’t seen! Combines this season’s high slit with last season’s billows to create something new and fresh! Love it. The rose hue, deep V, and cinched waist definitely accent her straight figure which is the goal! I can do without the 12 year old’s headband, and I would do a different shoe that elongated, not shortened her legs.

OOOH, love this silhouette! She looks like a ballerina marionette. The sheer midsection of the bodice is great too!

I actually love the cut and silhouette of this dress on Angelina, and it’s great to see her with her hair back! She looks young and fresh and very pale, like she’s just been turned (definitely a True Blood reference, lol ) I really like the color-blocked, asymmetrical neckline, and also the midsection seam with pleats. I hope that’s a side slit up the side. On the bad side, the purse looks too bridesmaid-y.

Kate Winslet looks very sexy with the keyhole! I’m all for a glimpse of the girls! The simple long skirt in white brings out the sleekness of her body, while still making this dress a powerful statement! If you didn’t know, white is the color for spring!

I love this dress. It looks amazingly time consuming and perfectly fitting to her body. BUT… Sophia always wears the same silhouette, and that I’m not a fan of.  It would be great to see her step out of the box once in a while.

The only think I love about this dress is the fabric and pleats of the skirt. I’d have taken the V-Neck down lower, and removed all the bangles and just done a big, gaudy ring instead. Maybe switch out the purse for a jeweled tone something and let it ROCK!


This dress turned my smile upside down. It looks like a poor knock-off to Angelina’s dress. She looks like a bridesmaid here. The pink and red were never my favorite color combo, and I know she’s trying to color-block, but this isn’t the way to go. I also don’t like being able to see that seam straight down the front.

She looks like a mummy that crawled out of her casket. Not the best silhouette for her shape since she’s got more broad shoulders, and the black is definitely too strong against her pale skin.

Honestly, this look just confuses me. It looks kind of like a checkerboard. To me, the color of the bodice and skirt don’t match. And it surely doesn’t help that the bodice is encrusted, but the skirt is left plainly patchwork/woven…. Not sure how to feel about this…

Honestly, this is just too plain! With all of the past Project Runway Alumni to pull from, and to see that Heidi choose this, it’s just sad.

Haha… gross. She looks young and vibrant and amazing, but she’s dressed horribly. This silhouette does NOTHING for her, and the color is hideous. Who did this to her?!?

I’m sorry; I just had to include this. This is an old prom dress trick! This is to show what the industry does when they dress a tall or normal sized person. This dress is too short for her, so they added a single layer of tulle to give the ‘illusion’ that this dress is long enough for her. They aren’t fooling anyone, especially not me… it looks pretty bad.

by Adrienne Yancy

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