Miss Golden Globe by Adrienne Yancy

Besides being a food critic, my other dream job would be an awards model! You know the one, she’s always wearing a gorgeous designer dress, escorting stars on and off the stage when they present and give/receive awards. Hair and makeup is on point, and she never has to say a word. She just stands close to the stars of the evening, occasionally touching their back to lead them off of stage right after they’ve cried their eyes out giving an acceptance speech! I’ve wanted to have that role since I’ve been a child… and since the Golden Globes are coming up, I decided to look up my future job and see the qualifications.

For the Golden Globes specifically, Miss Golden Globe is an honor bestowed each year by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, typically to a daughter (or son) of celebrity parents. Hm… guess I’ll have to settle for the Oscars, ha. Here are some past Miss Golden Globe’s and also the 2012 It Girl.

This tradition started in 1963 with Donna Douglass from the popular show, The Beverly Hillbillies fame.


This year’s Miss Golden Globe is Rainey Qualley, The daughter of Andie MacDowell, former model and actress.


Mavis Spencer got the honors in 2010, her parents being Roderick Spencer and Alfre Woodard. I first saw Mrs. Woodard in Crooklyn as a child, and have loved her roles since! Recently she’s starred in Tyler Perry’s The Family That Preys. Most may know her from her re-occurring roles (26 episodes to be exact) on Desperate Housewives. She’s a beast!


In 1994, Alexandrea Martin, who also goes by Alex Dean was the lucky lady. She happens to be Whoopi Goldberg’s daughter, and was in Sister Act 2 with her mom, awesome! She was Miss Golden Globe at age 21. Whoopi is one of the most accomplished actors of our time; she’s one of the few who have an Oscar, Emmy, Grammy, and Tony Award!


Lorraine Nicholson was chosen in 2007 when she was 17. Her parents are Jack Nicholson and Rebecca Broussard, of obvious multiple movie fame.


Once in a while they’ll also have a Mr. Golden Globe, and in 1996 Freddie Prinze Jr. was chosen right at the height of his I Know What You Did Last Summer and She’s All That fame. Cute, I didn’t know he was Hispanic.


If you’re going to be watching the Golden Globes this year with us, keep us posted on your best and worst dressed. We will definitely be there rating the red carpet looks.


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