My Boyfriend, the Artist by Lucie Jane

Through out my blog posts here on the Arielsimone blog and my own page, I have mentioned my boyfriend, Kevin C. Walker, and used some of his photography.  I thought today might be a fun time to actually introduce him as the artist he is and show off more of his work.

Kevin has been involved in photography and videographer work since before I met him three years ago, but lately his work has been getting even more and more refined.

Here is some of his work (with me as the subject) that hasn’t yet been seen here:

 Taken at an old school skating rink 🙂

Taken after a show I did for The Minnesota Design Diaries and designer Laura Fulk last spring. Loooove the makeup!

                      Spur of the moment photo shoot on our 2 year anniversary outing ❤ 

Outtake from the shoot I wrote about 2 weeks ago .

Kevin is also an avid videographer and quite talented.  He is currently working on the creative team of a very successful national short film that is being made into a feature.  Check out this post on my blog of a video he shot featuring me!

Kevin is also a talented wedding, event and senior portrait photographer as well as fashion.  Check out his portfolio on his site or his flickr.

by Lucie Jane

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