4 Simple Ways to Start the New Year Fresh & Fab

When the clock struck midnight on NYE, it was the perfect time to kiss your beau in a tornado of confeti….but it was also time to kiss away 2011. Even if you are not the type to create resolutions (or stick to them), the ceremonious countdown definitely feels like something is ending and therefore a time to start over. There is no denying that we are no longer in last year. And as we flip the calendar pages to begin a new month and new year, we are faced with the undeniable reality that we must move forward. 2012 is here!

This is not a post about creating unrealistic resolutions (eg. reading a new book every week, going to the gym every day or eliminating sugar and wine from your diet). If you are nervous about starting the new year off differently, or ensuring that this year will be better than the last, fret not. With these 4 simple suggestions, you will be fully equipped to begin this new year fresh and with style. Nothing about this is ambitious and therefore unrealistic. Simple suggestions.

Spruce up your Space! Never underestimate the power of rearranging furniture, switching bedding, hanging new paintings or photos. If your budget allows, buy a couple new pieces, or new bedding to change the energy of you favorite spaces. Great tips are found on this blog Blushing and Sweet.

Clothes Clean-out We all have clothes that we never wear or purchased to wear in the event of an event that never occurred. Create more room for your favorite pieces and get rid of the ones you constantly glaze over when deciding on an outfit. It doesn’t have to be depressing. Sell the never-been-worns, donate the others or even organize a clothes-swap with your besties! Music and champy make anything work-like a lot more fun. This is also a great time for organising and re-organizing!


Mini Makeover Again, nothing ambitious like buying a whole new wardrobe or getting a face piercing and dying your hair. Don’t do anything that isn’t really you! I am more talking about taking a trip to Sephora and investigating new cosmetics, painting your nails a daring color (if you hate it, change it) or cutting your hair to look similar to your favorite actress. Think of these things as experimentations and opportunities to be brave. Challenge yourself but be confortable.


Selfspace This is a personal favorite of mine. Take the time you need to find inspiration, relax and have you-time. If you are an artist, make time to create. If you are a writer, get yourself a new journal. The selfpace is for you to make room in your life for you. A time for you to de-stress and collect your unique ideas. This is a good time to create inspiration boards (obsessed with pinterest yet?), plan fun events or even catch up with long distance friends. This is also a positive space to focus on how you are in control of your life and your decisions. It’s great for those busy or more stressful days. And on those particularly rough days? I suggest yoga or meditation to just refocus on the positive aspects of your life.

Wishing you a great 2012!
By Nkechi Njaka


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