Meet our Lovely Interns!

So we have been keeping a secret (kinda) from all of you. We’ve been keeping you in the loop with all our projects big and small but we haven’t told you who has been assisting us with them! We wanted to FINALLY introduce our lovely Winter/Spring ArielSimone interns. We have two of them and they are so wonderful. They have been helping us and we wanted to let you get to know a little bit about them.

Meet Taylor: Born & Raised in Billings, Montana and Bloomington, Minnesota, she is a freshman at Drake University and a double major in Business Management and Marketing. Her career aspirations include marketing for a fashion company and/or opening her own boutique. When asked about her experience working in fashion, she explained, ‘I really enjoy working in fashion because I love it!  I don’t think of it as work at all.  [With ArielSimone,] I love being able to explore the other parts of the fashion world besides the clothes. I love fashion and I love business, so with ArielSimone, it’s like I get the best of both worlds!’

Meet Hope: Born & Raised in Red Wing, MN, she is a senior at North Central University, majoring in Business Administration with hopes of working in the fashion industry and nutrition. When asked about her experience working with us, Hope responded, ‘I grew up with five brothers and the last thing I thought I would get into was fashion….ArielSimone has given me the opportunity to bring together two of my favorite things, fashion and business.  It has been fun getting to know the team and I am excited for all that is ahead!”

Newest Garments!

Happy Monday, we hope you all had a great, warm, weekend! We wanted to make sure we took a second today to let you know about our newest garments. We had a wonderful shoot the other weekend and this week the garments will be uploaded for sale online at UsTrendy!

One Sleeve Drape Front Mini Dress – $110

This dress is made in a comfortable stretch material for easy fit and wearability. The body of the dress is fitted and there is one billowy wide sleeve to the asymmetrical neckline. The hem of this dress hits at the mid thigh and is available in many colors. The front draping of this dress adds interest, and covers up anything you’ve got to hide, and the back is simple and fitted.

 Tapered Hem Skirt- $79

We adore this skirt, and we know you will too because it can be worn for so many occasions. It’s so easy to dress up or down. Fitted at the waist, this skirt flows with you when you walk. It touches the floor in the back, and comes to the knee in the front! Is very comfortable and fits every figure. And the tapered hem is definitely in for spring.

Sheer Peplum Skirt and Tapered Top- $110

This look encompasses some of this springs’ trends we’ve discussed– the Peplum and Midriff. This highwaisted skirt is fitted throughout, and looks great on so many sizes! The peplum detail is made in a light fabric, which flows, so not to add too much volume where you don’t need it, but just enough for those that do! The matching top exposes a bit of skin under the bust, and has a boatneck with half sleeves. This look is made in stretch fabric for the most comfort and wearability.

 We hope you are just as excited about these new garments for sale as we are!

Get Your Tickets to Avoid the Grey

ArielSimone is going to be presenting a new one of kind look in this year’s momentous Avoid the Grey fashion show, held by Cliché!  This annual show is known for its Rolodex of great local designers, and trends. This  year’s show promises to be even better than the last!

For more than seven years, Cliché boutique in the Uptown neighborhood in Minneapolis has produced runway shows featuring the ready-to-wear collections of the most talented local designers. This year, expect something different as runway devolves to voyeurism.


For Avoid the Grey, Cliché allows guests to gaze clandestinely into the private thoughts and inspiration of ten local designers. Each designer has concealed the inspiration for their 2012 collection within a chamber. Peer through these chambers and see what has never been shared before…the birth of a collection. No binoculars required, just a pair of prying eyes.

Featuring clothing and accessories by Amanda Christine, ArielSimone, Carmichael Claith, Chrysopoeia, Cocoquette, Danielle Everine, Gina Marie Vintage, Kathryn V., Kjurek Couture, KR Designs, Larissa Loden, Needle & Black, Rachel Blomgren, Realia by Jen, Sarah M. Holm and Sweet T.

And for this year’s show, ArielSimone is once again pairing with unmatched local designer of Realia Jewelry Jen Scheffler.

Art work by Bryant Locher, Caroline Debevec, Daniel Jaffe, Emilie Robinson and Isa Gagarin. AND  a short film by Andrea Bursott.

It’s a cash bar only event, and please not that this event will start promptly at 7pm. Unlike past years, there will not be two separate shows, so please come on time to see section 1 and section 2 of the show!

If you haven’t gotten tickets yet, ArielSimone has a plethora of tickets left, so please email Adrienne directly at Tickets can also be purchased at Cliché.




Kanye West, the Fashion Designer? by Adrienne Yancy

So many may not have heard, but Kanye West is now a womenswear designer! He just showed his first collection for Spring/Summer 2012 a few months ago.  Kanye is not only known for his musical success but also his politics, outspoken-ness and not to mention award show antics…so would his collection include any of that spice? After all of his musical successes over the years, I wanted to see his parlay into women’s fashion and see if he was successful in bringing ‘Kanye’ to a new industry.

I think his collection was a bit heavy for the first run. I feel like he tried to do too much since this was his first go, and many critics are in agreement, but he did have a red carpet front row, including the Olson twins, Fendi and her daughter, Dean and Dan Caten, Olivier Theyskens, and Jeremy Scott among many others.


His hip hop influence is definitely there, but I was also seeing a Spanish influence and also video vixen inspired looks. He included many trends that could have been taken into their own separate collections altogether. He featured cutouts, leather, metalwork, sheers, and some sculptural looks that meshed into an incohesive collection as a whole. I really liked his use of white, and the layering, but the shoes for many of the looks were really throwing me off. Kanye did have some help with his first show including Kim Jones, Louise Goldin, Katie Eary, and Louise Wilson on the short list. I think he may have been pulled into too many directions with guidance, and maybe this is a reason for the lack of cohesion in his show.

I definitely am looking forward to seeing more from this fashion icon– I’m just hoping that he finds his voice. I also suggest you all go to and take a look at his complete collection for yourself!

{Photo source 1 & 2}

by Adrienne Yancy

NASA– Here we Come by Lucie Jane

I have amazing news! This semester my studio class and I will be working in collaboration with NASA engineers and designers to create prototypes of garments for astronauts to use on the Mars mission!  I cannot wait!

My team, which consists of two of my classmates and myself, will be focusing on the flight suit that the astronauts wear while inside the space station or shuttle craft.  We will be studying electronic textiles and other intelligent design principles to create a successful prototype.

This project will last the entire semester with designing, testing and working on a final prototype.  In April, we are being flown down to NASA headquarters in Houston, TX to present our designs.

This is such a huge opportunity and I cannot wait to jump into the design process!

Check out my blog for more about this project and updates later on!

xo, Lucie Jane

More Spring 2012 Trends

Winter has finally come, but one way we can keep warm is to think about spring! April will be here before we know it, and we want to prepare you by going over the many trends of spring!

Midriff--Ladies start the ab workouts now, the midriff is coming back with an undeniable fierceness. Dust off the old exercise ball and get on Kanye’s workout plan! This spring everything counts! Bandeau tops, bra tops, crop tops, and of course cutoffs.

I love this daringly high slit pairing by Anthony Vaccarello.

And I also love how Bill Blass Paired it with everyday pieces.

50’s Couture Silhouettes–The peplum is back, as we previously noted in a past blog. We love a good peplum, especially for boyish figures, because it gives you hips that you don’t have. Also sculptural silhouettes are going to add interest to spring styles!

I love this all white look from Commes Des Garcon.  I’m definitely feeling the long white coat/cape.

Gareth Pugh did a great job marrying both sculptural elements with a peplum here! And I love the all over print. Definitely a lot for the everyday woman, but don’t be afraid to pull a little inspiration!

20’s Deco–Flapper cocktail dresses and Art Deco Glitz are back, so break out those feather boas! (kidding! please don’t). Shapeless shimmering gowns and cocktail attire will be big for evenings out, and don’t be afraid to go a bit sheer with your shimmer!

I adore this all over sheer look. With the right undergarments and outerwear, I’d love to see this worn out. Christian Dior.

No one does it like Gucci! I love the chicness of this look. Minimal jewelry is the key when going full sparkle, and the simple hair and makeup let the dress be the star!

Game. Set. Match.–The Sporty Chic trend started back up last spring, but this time around it’s in full swing! We all remember how Sporty Spice did it, now you can dress up those sweats and head out the door! The trick to this trend is to not look like you just rolled out of bed. Here are some looks you can pull ideas from.

Love the print, and added sheer panel from Alexander Wang. To bring this into an everyday look, separate the top from the bottom– it can sometimes be too much together.

This shows us how you can add a really cute top to some not so cute windbreaker pants. I like this look, by Nicole Miller.

I hope we suggested some trends that you’re willing to try. Above all remember to have fun with your clothes and rock your fabulousness.

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Things You Probably Didn’t Know or Think About

PLUS Model Magazine, a publication celebrating the plus-size fashion industry, recently published some interesting statistics about the models exhibiting plus-size clothes, selling plus-size products, and are generally defining female beauty.

Summary of the statistics:

  • Twenty years ago, the average model weighed 8% less than the average woman and today, she weighs 23% less.
  • Today, most models meet the BMI (Body Mass Index) physical criteria for anorexia.
  • When the plus-size modeling industry began, the models ranged in size from 14 to 20 and today, the average plus-size model is between a size 6 and 14.
  • The average American woman (50%) wear a size 14 or larger, but most standard clothing outlets cater to sizes 14 or smaller, even though customers continue to voice their dissatisfaction.

The reason this article is so interesting is because it brings forth an important aspect of the greater fashion industry. It also gives a voice to the plus-size modeling and fashion industries that are not often a part of the general fashion industry conversation. The response to the article reveals that general standards of beauty are not in synch with the reality of the consumer and begs us to question why there is such a disconnect. The article  also questions the effectiveness of marketing to plus sized women as well as offer ways for full figure women to be more active in facilitating change in perceptions.

Some of the suggestions were:

  • Support companies who effectively market to full size women
  • Use social networking sites and email to voice your opinion to designers and brands about clothing and the use of straight sized models (thin models) for marketing
  • Mindful shopping– If you stop buying at “Store A” and let them know you will not be purchasing clothing until they market to full size women, this will raise concern
  • Support independent designers or clothing lines, like ArielSimone, that support and design for full size women


This idea of effectively marketing to full size women is something we care a lot about, since a lot of our clients are bigger than a sample size 2.  It’s definitely a challenging topic to address, but we felt compelled to write about. It’s not just about marketing in print either. It’s not often you see plus size looks on the runway. We happen to LOVE putting plus sized looks down the runway, but often feel that there is not a lot of representation at open calls. At our F/W 2011 show, we had only one plus sized look. Our gorgeous model rocked it and it was a favorite look of the evening!  That being said, we wish we had more opportunity to market to the full-size girl.

Feel free to check out the full article and let us know what your thoughts are!

A Shara Smallwood Update!

Professional dancer and choreographer, Shara Smallwood is the NEW up and coming artist to watch!  She is also a friend and fan of ArielSimone and we wanted to follow up with our feature of this dazzling LA star.

When we last spoke to Shara, back in November, she had just finished working on a project for Glee, where she was as a dancer as well as choreographer. She had also just begun choreographing a new dance project focusing on African American music. If you are in LA, you can catch Shara’s latestwork in the upcoming 2012 African American Film and Arts Festival in Los Angeles, California, where her original piece, “The life and struggle of James Brown”, will debut. We will make sure to post a video of the final work when it becomes available!

While pursuing a professional dance career in LA, she has begun to put her mark in the entertainment industry as a dancer, choreographer, and private coach. After performing for clients such as; Beyonce, Glee, and Lula Washington Dance Theater, she has now mixed her dance experience with fitness and artist development, creating a line of classes known as Shara Smallwood Master Classes.

Shara Smallwood Master Classes includes dance and fitness based classes, as well as private coaching services for ages 18 and up.  Her cliental includes professional artist and athletes to intermediate artists and training athletes. Master classes include; power hip-hop aerobics, artist performance development, audition preparation, zumba fitness and more.  Private coaching is for the serious performer, who wants to accelerate their development. Whether you want to burn a few extra calories, stand-out for your next stage performance, or fine tune your dance skills, Shara Smallwood master classes are for you.

Currently, Shara is holding master classes in Los Angeles, San Diego, Minneapolis, and Madison, Wisconsin. Bring out the artist in you and book Shara today! To register for master classes and for more information, visit her site.

Hair trend: Bow Tie Hair

Lady Gaga has been an obvious source of inspiration when it comes to avant-garde or just outright shocking hairstyles. One hairstyle that seems to become more and more popular among fashionable women is the famed bow tie hairstyle. Whether or not she is the official trendsetter of this look, we still want to be able to replicate for those fun nights out! It’s surprisingly a pretty easy hairstyle to do with not a lot of prep time or materials needed.
Lady Gaga Bow HairstyleLady Gaga Bow

You will need:

  • Flat iron, if your hair is not naturally straight
  • Bobby pins
  • A hair elastic

So there are actually a couple ways to do this– and it doesn’t matter if you have short hair or long hair.  The first step (once your hair is straight) is pulling your hair into a high ponytail secured by the elastic, leaving a little bundle of hair (or a bun) in the front of the elastic. Leave some hair remaining, as that will be used to create the center of the bow.  Part the hair of the bun evenly or until you reach the desired width of the bow.

Once you have parted the remaining hair of the ponytail into two sections, take the hair remaining loose in the front and pull it over the center of the bow. You can secure the hair before rolling it over the center by pinning it before right where it will fold over in the opposite direction.. You can also create two mini ponytail buns to create the look below, but the first way is a bit more interesting.  It’s helpful, too, to pin the sides of the bow down to control floppiness.

 If this method seems a little bit complicated (or if you are a visual learner!), we found this really helpful how-to video that makes everything look so much easier than the above description.

If you are all about style and trend, we encourage you to try out the bow tie hair look! It is a perfect hairstyle for casual wear, partying or even a fancier night out. You may even see it on the runway at one of our upcoming ArielSimone fashion shows this season!!

Laura Fulk Collaboration! by Lucie Jane

This past Sunday I had the pleasure of working with the lovely and talented designer Laura Fulk.  This particular project was in association with Urban Threads, a local embroidery company.  Embroiderer Niamh O’Connor created a beautiful scene of edgy fashion forward embroidery on Laura’s punky jacket.  I loved the combination!

For this shoot I was the model for a photo shoot featuring the jacket for a variety of features/publications.

Without giving anything away here are some backstage shots, check out my bloglater this week for more!

Makeup/hair artist, Sara Capers working her magic on my mane!

Photographer Burt Edwards shootin’ it up!

I will be sure to share the final shots when they are published/featured in the various places they are sure to be!


Designer: Laura Fulk
Embroiderer: Niamh O’Connor
Photographer: Burt Edwards
Makeup/hair: Sara Capers

by Lucie Jane