Male Gift Guide for Those Last Minute Shoppers by Nick Casperson

I seem to hear all the time how hard it is to buy men a gift that they will actually like, so today I thought I would come up with a list of perfect little gifts that anybody would be certain to like… and this list will certainly have no cologne, ties, or ugly sweaters of any kind. The biggest tip I have is that items on that above list are the most subjective to an individual’s taste and therefore will almost always result in that fake smile and the response “oh… I love it…”

  • The Art of Shaving Starter Kit – $25 available at The Art of Shaving store in Mall of America or online.

This makes the perfect gift for those of you who want your man to have a soft cheek as you lean in for a kiss… and it’s unscented so they won’t complain about the odd smell.

  • The Nook simple touch E-reader – $99 available at Barnes and Noble stores or online.

The one thing that can probably never go wrong is buying a guy some kind of electronics… not to mention the Nook is used for more than just books, it also can download newspapers and magazines. It is the perfect distraction for those wanting to catch up on their reading during a lunch break or riding the bus home.

  • iCufflinks – $128 available online.

Combining fashion and technology… it doesn’t really get any better than that. These cufflinks pulse with a white light just like the power switch of a Mac. You will literally be adding a flash to a rather ordinary suit, not to mention be the envy of all of your coworkers.

  •  Steve Madden Brent Suede Chukka boots – $115 available online at or at any Macy’s store.

Chukka boots seem to be all the rage this season because of their comfort and versatility. Depending on the quality and the material they can be paired with nearly any outfit. Steve Madden is also one of my favorite shoe lines because they are not only very stylish but are very comfortable which is hard to find.

by Nick Casperson


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