Spring Teaser

So it’s supposed to be the middle of winter, but fortunately for me, there’s no snow here in MN, AND it’s a shocking 30 degrees, instead of the usual -30! Normally around this time I fly down to St. Croix and sit on the beach for a few weeks while I reflect on the past year, and make my list of goals for the coming one, but because there is so much work to do, I had to be responsible and stay put… and work this holiday.

But because I’m so inspired by our new winter, I wanted to give you all a small Spring teaser! Here are some looks that we shot last week with our model Lucie Jane, and photographer Andrew Thomas Evans. Hair and makeup was provided by Ashton Frith. These are still the raw images, but perfect for a teaser! Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Vintage Inspired Tie Suit

Vintage Inspired Tie Suit with Sheer Pants

Flyaway Jacket

Wrap Two-Piece Bikini

Strappy Back Two Piece with Gathered Bottoms

Racing Bikini

Also, all of the items will be on sale throughout the month of January.

by Adrienne Yancy


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