A New Holiday Tradition: 12, er, 10 Dates until Christmas

We have something totally adorable that we discovered that you can do with your significant other or any loved one/s during this holiday season. It involves being a little crafty and a little creative, but who doesn’t love a little bit of those things once in a while?

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A Beautiful Mess just posted on one of her new newlywed traditions: the 12 Dates of Christmas. And it was just too cute of an idea not to share with you all. No matter how many dates you choose, the first step is creating the special dates and concealing them in a numbered envelope. Divide the number of envelopes between the you and your beau or between you and your besties– whomever you are sharing this new tradition with. Then think of special things for each date card. Sipping hot cocoa by the fireplace? Going to your favorite restaurant? A night in of making gingerbread houses while sipping mulled wine? Holiday photo shoot? Picking out cute ArielSimone suits together for a future fab vacation? All of these are completely acceptable dates….

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Then, each day leading up to the 25th of December, pick the corresponding card. Such a fun idea!

{Photo source}

We just love the idea of 12 Dates of Christmas (inspired by A Beautiful Mess and Rockstar Diaries) as a new holiday tradition. Obviously, this cute idea can be adapted to 10 dates (which means starting tonight!!) or 5 dates, etc. You get the point.

And for that evening out to your favorite restaurant? Might we make a little suggestion…. We have tons of great holiday garments, perfect for any date. Whether it’s a work holiday function or a special evening out, don’t forget to make dressing fabulously a holiday tradition too!

{Shop ArielSimone}


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