Retro Revival by Nick Casperson

With shows like Mad Men on AMC, Pan Am on ABC, and the Playboy Club on NBC, not to mention cars such as the Ford Mustang and the Chevrolet Camaro being redesigned with a 60’s flair, it’s not hard to see that a 60’s trend is slowly building and with the popularity of these products, people are eating up the lifestyle of that era. It was a time of innocence and the start of using fashion as a freedom of expression so with today’s economic uncertainty and the threat of war looming around every corner, it is no wonder that we are turning to such a happy go lucky time to remind ourselves that life was not always the way it is now.

Leading the retro trend though, is of course the *fashion world. There have been multiple collections coming out with 60’s and 70’s inspirations and I, for one, am excited at this sort of retro revival. Since the 60’s were the start of a freedom of expression, what with the hippie movement and bands like The Beatles revolutionizing music, you can see a certain combination of conservatism mixed with a shot of something unexpected, something that tells people that you want to stand out and be different and that sort of energy only increased into the 70’s. The fit of clothes started to be tighter and tighter, amazing colorful prints were starting to be used, and one could not complete their outfit with the iconic Jackie O and cat-eye style sunglasses.

*To find these styles at affordable prices, you can find them in such stores as Banana Republic, Express, and H&M.

by Nick Casperson


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