I Love Design School by Lucie Jane

While most college students are busy cramming for finals in coffee shops and pulling all nighters in the library, my fellow design students and myself are holed up in the studios sewing frantically and finishing projects.  One of these projects is our Trend’s class final project: a fashion photo spread! We actually have to style, shoot and produce a magazine worthy fashion spread! How cool is that?

Our concept was the 1920’s trend of dressing and styling coming back into fashion in Spring Summer 2012, partially due to the remake of The Great Gatsby, which I’m very excited to see! Here are some behind the scene’s shots!

Our makeup artist, Ashton, working her makeup on one of the models: Issa.

Accessories shot

Artsy makeup shot Me, looking dazed, halfway through makeup!

Lovely assistant Taylor getting smooched!


Photographer: Kevin C Walker

Hair/Makeup: Ashton Frith

Styling: Claire Ward

Modeling: Issa Mello and Lucie Jane

Editing: Taylor Bartelt

I’ll be sure to share the entire spread when it gets published, on my blog!

by Lucie Jane


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