Ok, we are SO kidding with the title!!! We love ANTM as much as the next girl, but we really wanted to feature someone we think already IS a top model here in Minneapolis.  But wouldn’t that be amazing if there was a Minnesota-based reality model TV show? Who would play Tyra?

We have an introduction for you here. If you’ve ever attended a MN fashion show (or even just read our blog and clicked on hyperlinks), we are positive you have seen this striking MN talent. We got the details on Kuoth and digged a little deeper to understand her world a bit more.

The Deets

Name: Kuothkel

Age: (Is but a number) 21

Birth place: Gambella, Ethiopia

Ethnicity: Sudanese

Years Modeling: 3

Agency: Vision Model Management

Day Job: Sales Associate at American Apparel

{Effortlessly wearing American Apparel}

The Diggs

AS: Who would you say is your favorite designer?

K: Local? Emma Berg, ArielSimone, Kevin Kramp…the list goes on– I cant really just chose one due to the diversity that each designer has. International? Alexander McQueen is by far my favorite designer. His love for creativity will speak to many generations to come. R.I.P. I also love Coco Chanel. Her story is very inspiring and I also named my cat after her.

AS: Tell us an interesting fact.

K: I have never fallen during a show, and hopefully I never will!

{Wearing ArielSimone, Styled by Aron Lamaar, Phototography: Kevin C. Walker}

AS: Best and/or worst part of modeling in Minnesota?

K: The best part of modeling in Minnesota, for me, would be getting to build a relationship with designers, models, and other people in the fashion industry. Everyone here is striving to go somewhere with their talent and for that, I feel, we have a common bond. The worst part about modeling in Minnesota is that there are not a lot of clients willing to book models. I also have a more editorial look and there are not a lot of opportunities for me to get work here in Minnesota.

{Wearing ArielSimone, Styled by Aron Lamaar, Phototography: Kevin C. Walker}

AS: Can you tell a bit about your thoughts on Minnesota Fashion & Culture?

K: MN fashion culture is rapidly growing. With new events and fashion shows added every year, I think Minnesota will soon have a rich fashion scene. There are a lot of talented people out here.

AS: What would you say your biggest accomplishment or important moment in your modeling career is thus far?

K: Honestly I feel like every show and job I get booked for is an accomplishment. In order for someone to be willing to book me, I have to prove to the client that I am responsible and can deliver what they’re looking for and I’m glad I can do that.

AS: Tell us your future goals– either modeling or not.

K: Graduate from Augsburg College, move to NY for modeling, travel the world. I also want to get into acting in the near future.

AS: Who is your Fashion/ Style Icon?

K: GRACE JONES: I love, love, love her!!!I love the fact that she is talented all around.. singing, modeling, and acting. My style is definitely inspired by her.

{Wearing ArielSimone, Styled by Aron Lamaar, Phototography: Kevin C. Walker}

AS: What would you say your source of inspiration is?

K: I don’t really have one source of inspiration….I like to learn from my environment and make the best of life.

AS: Any advice for aspiring models?

K: Well, I’m not going to lie and say that modeling is easy because its not. What I want to tell others is that make sure to surround yourself with positive people who love and support you. You will be challenged both mentally and physically, but you have to put what’s important first. Because of modeling, I have met some wonderful people who I will always cherish. If you truly love it, don’t give up on it no matter what.

(Don’t you just love her jacket and sheer gold top!? We do!)

{Wearing ArielSimone, Styled by Aron Lamaar, Phototography: Kevin C. Walker}


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