Elements of Style

Black Friday is officially upon us!  With our bellies still full of turkey and all the fixings, we venture out to get the best price on gifts to impress our loved ones and dear friends.  Last year, Americans spent approximately $10.7 billion dollars at various retail locations!  With numbers like this, my mind begins to inquire about how many of those gifts are actually the right “fit” for the person intended.  Buying items like gift cards, electronics, books, and games are some of the easier choices to make.  It’s when we take a step into the clothing territory, where things start to get dangerous!

National Retail Federation

This holiday season, it’s important to know the elements of a person’s style before heading to the check out counter.  Elements of style, you ask?  I’m not talking about the literary tool you read in high school but the characteristics of personal style.  I believe we all have reoccurring elements in our wardrobe that affect our buying habits and our personal styling of those purchased items.  For this week’s post I have complied a couple elements that factor into my daily style.  I actually enjoyed going through photos and through my closet analyzing my own style characteristics (the joys of being a woman!).  It’s a quick and fun activity that can help the one you love provide you with a piece of fashion this holiday season that is a perfect fit for you… talk about killing two birds with one stone!


I enjoy style that I can “feel”.  Mixing silks and leathers, feathers and tweed, sequence and suede, metals and chiffon, the list goes on!

Collegate Chic

Cardigans, and stripes, and mascots, oh my!
by Lace Asia

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