AMAs: The Good and the Bad

There were some hits, but many more misses this year at the AMA’s. I don’t know what half of these stylists were thinking! Clearly, they are in need of some inspiration. I was very disappointed to say the least, but there were some winners! Here’s what I thought…

I love the way this dress fits Jennifer’s body. The accessories and styling were kept to a minimum, and this dress is the right length. I would have gone with a different shoe. The two grays clash… maybe they were thrown in because they’re Loub’s?

The hair, makeup, and dress are winners for Jenny McCarthy. Although, I would have styled this with thigh-high tights and a grey, calf length, lace-up, peep toe boot! But that’s just ME…

I can’t believe they let this woman into the AMA’s looking like this. First, her stylist needs a new job. Exactly, what were they thinking with this dress? Hello!?!?! Bridesmaids gone wrong. And look at the shoes! CLASHING! I don’t even have ideas on how to fix this one. Just burn the dress!

Audrina has clearly styled herself tonight! Her hair/makeup is overdone and makes her look like a hooker…Who am I kidding? This whole outfit makes her look like a hooker.  I understand that she’s petite, but these platforms are too high for a dress this short. She’s showing the legs and the girls– too much. She probably skipped the AMA’s and went straight to the after parties.

HAHAHA… there are better ways to attract attention to yourself. This silhouette would be great if this was in all black. The mix of brights and the animal print makes this look like she went to the wrong party. But don’t get me wrong, if you know anything about me, you know I LOVE a great costume party!!

This look is perfectly put together and styled! Simple silhouette with a trendy hem! Longer sleeves (it was probably around 50 degrees), and great hair and makeup. Minimal, but statement jewelry is KEY!

Mary is a MISS here…

But a HIT here… where did the lines get crossed?

I know you may think I’m crazy, but this is actually best dressed for me. There is something about this look that draws me to it, and I can’t look away. The lines on the dress create an amazing hourglass illusion to this boyish figure. White is an obvious ‘yes’ for the seasons coming. Also, the fur and styling is spot on! Call me crazy, but I’m in love.

Now for the men…

Mario’s first CD was the first CD I’d ever owned! My old-time crush doesn’t disappoint. I love the slate grey tuxedo style wool suit! Love this look on him.

Count on Luda to bring it home! OK, these sweaters were huge last season (Ralph Lauren, winter Olympics), but I still love them. Luda looks very casual, but very good. Clean cut, simple– great!

Well, where do I begin? There are so many elements about this look that I love! KIDDING!! WORST. DRESSED. Seriously, Soulja Boy.

OOOh! Love the hue of this turquoise with the black and white accents! The plain white t-shirt makes this look perfect! Best dressed male!

by Adrienne Yancy


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