First Bridal Fashion Show!

When I first heard of local bridal designer Joy Teiken, I was definitely intrigued by her story… Her very first design EVER was a beret constructed from vintage dresses. It was custom-made for her mother, who was dying of breast cancer in 1989. Just from reading Joy’s bio, it is obvious that she is an extraordinary woman. Before creating her signature line Joynoelle in 2003, Joy received her MA in Arts Education, taught and was a former Peace Corps volunteer (served 1993-1996 in Botswana). With such a diverse and interesting background, it is no surprise that her hand-made/hand-finished, Ready-to-Wear and Bridal Collections are as successful as they are. Joy has gained national and international attention with her work (um, she was just recently interviewed for O Magazine!!), which is why I was so excited to be invited to attend her exclusive-invite-only viewing of her 2012 collection a week ago.

Inspired by the Caged Bird, on Monday November 14th the Grand Café was recreated to look like a turn-of-the-century parlor, with the interior stylings of Lime Canary Vintage and Flora Bella. The decor and mood were intimate and romantic– fashioned perfectly with these amazing feathery, floral, vintage birdcage installations. The salon-style show was a 28-look journey from the caged bird (linear, crisscross cage-like fabric applications) to the free bird (hand-made feathers, whimsical and airy). Vision Model Management Group provided the gorgeous models; hair and makeup by Extrados.

There were several gorgeous designs– feminine both in shape and in fabric. I loved everything that was black, white and/or feathered. Creams, blacks, whites, chocolate browns, and wine reds were the obvious color focus of this collection– very seasonal.  Lots of great wedding gowns as well as bridesmaid choices! And of course, rehearsal dinner/ reception options for those who want a wardrobe change.

Above are my two favorite looks from the evening, thanks to fashion blog Art of Wore photography. Love the feathery skirts in both garments and would LOVE to see that second dress as a full length gown. Flash Revolutions also had some great photos too.

First Bridal Fashion Show was super fun! Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with the designer in a future post as well as photos from her adorable studio and shop.

by Nkechi Njaka

You can check out more wedding-related posts that I have written on Charcoal&Lace, a wedding and lifestyle blog that I co-author.


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