The Fashionable Side of Law

Join me on a quick jog down memory lane, back to 2005.  For me, summer of 2005 started out with a bang!  I kicked off the summer with a 19th birthday, commencing the beginning of my final year as a teen.  That summer also brought on the my first fashion internship in New York City at Sean John‘s corporate office.  This opportunity gave me my first glimpse into the multi-faceted fashion industry.  It was also during this time that I had the pleasure of meeting Andrena Andrews, Sean John’s Legal Director.  Andrena has agreed to provide us all with a glimpse through her shades, as a fashion lawyer for a leading apparel brand.

An Insight Into Fashion Law 
The type of law that Andrena practices is Intellectual Property, an expansive area of law that includes issues prevalent in the fashion industry.  However, in her line of work, Andrena specifically works with trademark issues that include registering new trademarks for Sean John.  Her work often consists of policing trademarks that are already registered and reviewing contracts for specific information, regarding issues like royalty payment dates and renewal terms.

Advice for Designers
Always do a trademark search when using graphics, words or art on clothing.  This is the easiest way to avoid lawsuits from artists or brands with established marks (i.e. stay away from 3 stripes – Adidas!).”

Advice for Aspiring Fashion Lawyers
“I started out with an externship at Nautica while in law school.  This helped me put my classroom knowledge to the test and gave me great insight on how brands use and monitor their marks.”

On Style

Andrena likes to keep her style classic and simple.  The Gap, J Crew, and H&M are among her favorites.

As for her accessories (particularly bags and shoes), she enjoys bolder styles from high fashion brands like Gucci, Balenciaga, and Giuseppe Zanotti.

a. H&M – Necklace
b. J. Crew – Library Blazer
c. Gap- Seamed True Straight Pants
d.Gucci- Betty High Heel Platform
e.Balenciaga – City Dots Handbag
f. Chanel- Oversized Square Acetate Frame

by Lace Asia


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