The Joy of Custom Made Garments

As a follow up to the last entry on 100 unforgettable dresses, this entry is all about finding that unforgettable dress for your unforgettable evening… you know, the dress for a girls’ night out; or date night with your beau; or a dress even your grandmother will approve of at the next family gathering! But we all run into the issue of finding something just perfect. That’s why for me when in a pinch, I know I can count on the fabulous designer of ArielSimone, the wonderful Miss Adrienne Yancy.

How many times have you gone to that favorite boutique or the good ol’ reliable department store thinking “I’ll just pick up something”? only to be disappointed and return empty handed because, really, you already know exactly what you want?

Case in point, this past Halloween, I was invited to the Calhoun Beach Club’s Masquerade Ball, and of course, nothing in my closet was right for the occasion. Thankfully, I phoned Adrienne and we got together and dreamt up my perfect ball gown! The best part? It was custom made! The whole experience was fabulous, from coming up with the design idea, to the color and fit, down to the fabric! The end result? Well, see for yourselves!

When working with a designer, it’s important to know what you want, what looks on your body, but more importantly, be open about suggestions! I mean, after all, they are the experts! So, never fear! Let your imagination run wild as you are anticipating the next unforgettable night. Just make sure you have Adrienne’s number on speed dial!

by Annie Zhang



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