Christopher Straub’s 2012 Spring/Summer Collection Fashion Show Benefiting the Child Neurology Foundation

This past Sunday I had the pleasure of working with incredibly talented designer, Christopher Straub.  Those of you who don’t know Christopher, should.  He was on season 6 of Project Runway and has been unveiling beautiful creations to the world ever since his debut with fame.

 {L-R: Brittany McKee, Christopher, me} Love!

This is the second time I have worked with Christopher as an assistant-turned- model.  In both instances, he has asked me to work behind the scenes with him as an assistant but half way through the day, low and behold, I turn into a model. :)This time, he had me try on his “extra” piece that was pulled from the show, just to see how it looked.  Turns out it looked perfect and I was put in the show, as the 21st model.  Christopher was joking back stage how I always end up modeling for him, no matter what my “official” title is.  It helps to have an assistant who also models, right? Love him!

Here is a shot of me on the runway!  Photography by Mike Feltault, Minneapolis2night.

Here’s another shot from Mary O’Regan’s blog, Art of Wore . She is the senior fashion editor at Metro Magazine and I have had the pleasure of working with her a few times in the past– she’s lovely.

Please check out my blog for more photos!

by Lucie Jane


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