Falling in Love with DC, YSL, Balenciaga & Valentino by Adrienne

Last week I made a trip to DC for one of my college girlfriend’s birthdays. For 5 days we ate and shopped our way through the city. DC is one of my favorite cities– I love the neighborhoods, its culture and diversity. Most of all, I truly missed all of the different types of foods that you can’t get here in Minneapolis.

While in Georgetown, we made sure to stop at our local favorite Annie Creamcheese!

Annie Creamcheese is a vintage boutique with amazing one of a kind finds and unique jewelry. While there I was in search of some great vintage capes… take a look at a few of my spectacular finds…

This Vintage YSL Tan Cape was about 15 pounds, but it was amazing!! Double layered and below the knee, this cape buttoned up the front, and had two slits up the side. I could tell this was from an early collection and definitely handmade by the construction. I was speechless trying it on.

And then I found THIS….

Valentino Knit, Pleated Cape. If it wasn’t $795, I would’ve walked out with it. It fit perfectly and had a waist tie to cinch the waist! It was just the perfect length and weight for a DC winter.

As we were about to head out and continue on to more boutiques, out of the corner of my eye I saw a padded shoulder and had a flashback… instantly I knew it was a Balenciaga padded shoulder and I had to see what this item was… and try it on of course!!

Obviously these pieces were a bit over budget, so I didn’t end up bringing any home with me… but this trip brought back so many great memories, and I fell in love with DC all over again– with a little help from my friends YSL, Balenciaga, and Valentino!

by Adrienne Yancy


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