Our First Cover Shoot

We’re so excited to share the great news with everyone! We made our FIRST magazine cover!!

A few months ago we were contacted by Plymouth Magazine through our etsy site to be a part of their Holiday Gift Guide. We have previously worked with Plymouth magazine back in 2008 and had a great experience– so we were excited for the opportunity.

We chose the Wrap Cape to be included in the gift guide because it comes one-size-fits-all and is very versatile. It’s also an intergenerational item (great gift for Mom!). Additionally, we included the Long Slim Skirt (available soon on etsy!) because long fitted skirts are very hot right now! Also this burnt umber brown is a very popular color this season.

We scheduled a shoot for the clothing and were also told to bring an alternate holiday outfit to shoot a possible cover. Super exciting! What we didn’t know (until later) is that they wanted Adrienne to WEAR in the alternative holiday look…. ON THE COVER!

We decided to shoot our One Sleeved Holiday Dress, and got some fabulous jewels from Realia by Jen to accentuate the holiday feel. Our holiday dress will also be available for purchase on etsy soon, just in time for all your holiday affairs. As depicted below, it goes great with fur or gold jewelry.

We have some great behind the scenes shots– it was such a fun morning! Don’t forget to pick up a copy!

{Aaron, our intern steaming the cape}

You’ll never guess what these snow flakes are made of…mash potato flakes!


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