I Dream of Hipster by Lace Asia

We all have those days where you need a little extra boost to get out of bed.  You know, the boost that use to come naturally on picture day or that you get now on pay day? Unfortunately, everyday can’t be pay day.  On groggy mornings like these, I try getting motivated to leave the warmth and comfort of a goose-down by repeating some words of wisdom to myself that my mom once told me,  “Looking your best and feeling your best go hand in hand.”  Making an activity out of picking an outfit in the morning always helps me get the ball rolling.  I start with a style that I have in mind and then I use what’s in my closet to make it happen. This post is inspired by the “hipster” style.  It’s one of my favorite trends at the moment.  It’s so easy to pull off considering it’s all about the accessories.   Plus, it’s easily achievable in nearly every price point.    Here’s to waking up your style with a trend for the day AND for it being pay day…TGIF!
d. Cole Haan Club Commander Sunglasses  (Men’s glasses that are lady friendly)

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