Laura and Daisy Fulk: Fusion + Fashion by Lucie Jane

This past Friday I had the pleasure and honor of working with amazing local fashion designer Laura Fulk and her sister, the equally as talented interior designer Daisy Fulk.  They teamed up to create a design entered into the International Interior Design Association’s annual event, Fusion.  The dress they created was amazing! It was created using recycled silk fabric, corrugated plastic (originally used for interior walls) and LED lights.  So cool!

Micah at Mezzanine Salon, an amazing artist, did my hair. He worked with Laura and Daisy to create the look they were going for: hard meets soft, intellect meets intuition.  He even sewed a piece of plastic and led light into my hair! Check it out!

The runway show was held at the Varsity Theater in Dinkytown, near the U of M campus.  It was an amazing venue and drew a huge crowd! It was super fun to walk in and the models were able to feed off the audience’s collective energy.  The only runway shot I have found so far is below, later in the week I will collect more and post them to my blog  🙂

Eyes closed=fail? Or just showing off my awesome makeup? The world will never know…

by Lucie Jane


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