Introducing November Friday Guest Blogger: Lace Asia!

You’re Invited…to meet another guest blogger, Lace Asia. Every Friday during the month of November, I’ll be joining the lovely ArielSimoneteam bringing along a post-it of opinions on fashion, music, art, and all that jazz.A bit about myself…

  •  I met Adrienne of AS, while attending Howard University, HU!
  • I have a background (and passion for) fashion.
  • Currently, I’m attending law school in Chicago.
  • Outside of my family, I live for music and my red lipstick!
  • My favorite designer (apart from ArielSimone) is Chloè.
  • Co-founder and contributing author of avant-garde fashion and culture blog CLATA
CLATA was created out of the interests of mine and four close friends from college. Much of our friendship with each other grew out of sharing music, outrageous celebrity news, the new and hot styles within the fashion industry…pretty much everything under the sun.   As graduation approached, we wanted a forum were we could maintain our sharing of “lifestyle hot topics”.  Out of this want, CLATA was born.  Avant-garde fashion, music, art and crazy web stuff is the site’s focus.  For my contribution to CLATA, I tried to write for the eclectic, stylish yet financially concise “21st Century Girl”.  Fashion layouts, music highlights, local NYC and D.C. events (where I divided most of my time) and designer spotlights primarily made up the bulk of my posts.  I continued to write for the blog until I began law school preparation in 2010.

Now, as a law school student with a foundation in fashion and a love for all things artsy, I intend on bringing a playful perspective to the ASblog– covering fashion and art topics that spark the interests of young professionals and entrepreneurs who share one common bond, a love for ArielSimone.
by Lace Asia


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