Halloween Night! by Lucie Jane

This Halloween my boyfriend and I decided to dress up as the Playboy Club.  To those of you who don’t know, the Playboy Club was a super fun, short running show on NBC.  It was cancelled after 4 episodes, making fans like myself very sad.  I absolutely loved the vintage bunny costumes and set design.  Here is a photo from the show that sums up the vibe:

Cuvier (than today’s playmates) girls, bouncy curly hair, retro styling, 60’s cat-eyes, rosy cheeks, etc. Love!

I tried to channel the vintage vibe with my makeup, hair and outfit. I created my costume by altering a black tank top I bought at Target.  I took off the straps and added the woven corset ribbons on the front.  I then matched the top with a pair of panties to create the bodysuit/leotard look I was going for.  The tights and shoes I already owned and was super excited to bust out again.  I bought the bow tie, cuffs and tail in a “Bunny Costume” packaged deal, also from Target, I altered the tail by adding a pink bow, just to make it that much cuter.  I then made the ears from pink tissue paper and white cotton batting to match the tail.


For makeup I used fake eyelashes and an exaggerated cat-eye to create the lush lashed look of the 60s.  I used a light blush to give my cheeks a rosy glow and applied a matching pinkish/red lipstick to give me that retro pout.  I used hot rollers on my hair (as well as a TON of hairspray) to create the bunnies’ signature tousled curls. {Makeup shot via webcam 🙂 }

I will be posting a more extensive Halloween recap on my personal blog Green Eye Musings later this week, be sure to check it out!


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