The Walker Art Center’s Most Fashionable

The Walker Art Center’s Most Fashionable

This past Friday we had the opportunity to go to the Walker Art Center’s late night party for their newest exhibition Graphic Design: Now in Production. We were pleasantly surprised at the range of different art pieces there! So many interactive pieces that were really fun. We definitely recommend it and might see you there again.

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While roaming through the different exhibitions, we saw some wonderfully dressed patrons all in the monochromatic theme inspired by Pantone, the infamous color company. Here’s what a few of them had to say once we stopped and talked to them!

Name: Maya Page

Age: 30

Who are you wearing? Green Leather Booties: Adidas, SLVR. Corduroy Whale Pants: TIBI. T-Shirt: random T-shirt! Handbag: Cavalcanti

Where do you get your fashion inspiration from? From my booties! I love the urban, clean SLVR line from Adidas. I wanted to go as one color so it all stemmed from these monochromatic shoes.

What is going to be your signature color for this winter? Orange. Always.

Favorite winter-time meal? Favorite winter indulgence would be mac n’ cheese with a brown crispy top.

Name: Jahna Peloquin

Age: 29

Who are you wearing tonight? The dress is vintage from a friend. The shoes are from Charlotte Russe, pink plastic star earrings from some mall store, sheer pink tights were from Target.

Where do you get your fashion inspiration? Wherever I can get it. Fashion magazines and blogs, obviously, but also retro TV shows and movies– everything from “Mad Men” and “My Fair Lady” to “My So Called Life” and “Blossom.”

What is going to be your signature color for this winter? Wine, especially for lips and nails.

How do you stay warm AND fashionable in the Minnesota chill? Plenty of fur (vintage, mind you), leather gloves, chunky knits, and stylish yet snow-proof boots.

There were so many monochromatic hues that looked great that night! Here are a few more that we saw!


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