Thursday Trendsetter: Johnnie Walker

When we were in NYC for Fashion Week, we had the chance to sit down with up-and-comer Johnnie Walker. We took some time out of shooting the shit to get the scoop on what makes him unique and what makes us want to share the good news!

AS: Tell us about yourself.

JW: I’m Johnnie Walker of Spaghetti Boys… I grew up in Queens, NY.  Moved to Elmont, Long Island.  I’ve been rapping since I could talk, though it didn’t start sounding good until a few years ago.

AS: So how do you know Adrienne?

JW: I met Adrienne like freshman-week of college.  I don’t remember exactly how it all started but I’m pretty sure she was rocking a very unfashionable racing-inspired track jacket.  I have a picture of us chilling freshman year somewhere and she has this blue racing-esque monstrosity on.  Oh, how things change.  Anyway, we’ve been friends since day one.

AS: How would you describe your creative process?

JW: My creative process is pretty spontaneous.  I usually have something I want to say in mind and I’ll even go as far as to write it out.  But most of the time, my producer would have me judge one of his newest beats and I’ll construct the song right there on the spot and bang it out.  Like dude, I’m not going home without being on that beat.  It becomes pretty much a priority to dismiss the old shit and get on the new shit. It’s better that way, as I can’t wait to go home and play the new joint over and over.  It makes it more fresh and more new cause fuck the delivery/bars/etc, I just wanna hear that fire ass beat.

AS: Got any cool projects you working on? What’s on your horizon?

JW: Right now, I’m working on a lot of projects simultaneously.  We’re finishing up a video for Hiss, a song off the Love Drug LP, this month.  I’m working on the next LP, Devolish.  I’ve also got a promotional mix tape coming out in the near future… having a lot of fun with those concepts, which give me more freedom to just have fun than an LP does, which is more theme driven.  And shows… no tours or anything.  We ain’t that big, but I am spitting my ass off in local venues around NY.  Having a hell of a lot of fun with that.

AS: How do you stay motivated?

JW: I stay motivated cause there is nothing else I’d rather do.  I spent my life doing all kinds of shit I didn’t really want to do.  Working certain jobs, studying certain subjects.  I got through all that stress by making music.  When I finally sat back and got the strength to stand up and say ‘fuck that’ I realized it was music that kept me from blowing out my brains.  I know that sounds crazy graphic, but we all need our release.  Rap is mine.

AS: Tell us about something that happened to you recently.

7.  When I was partying hard in NYC one crazy night, I saw this rusty ass bracelet on the dance floor.  It wasn’t gold or anything, just a rusty silver.  I put it in my pocket.  10 minutes later, I saw it again on the floor.  I was like “What the hell,” picked it up, and put it in my pocket.  When I got home, I realized they were two different bracelets, they looked exactly the same, save for different discolorations and what not.  I started rocking ’em and I never take them off.  Something about ’em scream NY… and I want that to be apart of me everywhere I go.  One man’s trash…

AS: Any advice you’d give to aspiring artists?

JW: Don’t stop.  Don’t ever stop.  The thing about artists, the really good ones, is that we’re too fragile for this world.  We need something to keep us from destroying ourselves.  We need to be both understood and misunderstood at the same time.  You get us.  You don’t get us.  Don’t let the people that don’t get you talk you into stopping.  Do it for the people that do.

Church Mix2.2	2:10	Johnnie Walker	Love Drug			1
Roll Mix 3	3:16	Johnnie Walker	Love Drug

For a listen….check out this video:


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