How to Accurately Measure Yourself

We have been in the process of launching our fist video blog (vlog), which has been really exciting to plan. We have spent quite a bit of time sitting around thinking of ideas and finally decided that it would be fitting to have our first vlog be about how to measure yourself correctly. It is a definite need-to-know in the industry….so why not just take a sec and give the fashion world our version of a public service announcement? Especially after yesterday’s fitting (in prep for our Fashion Show, which is TONIGHT!), we believe that when asked, you should probably just know your accurate measurements. So just as a teaser before we shoot the real vlog, we have the abridge version sans video. Just as useful. Enjoy!

First, what you will need: measuring tape. Or if you don’t have that, a piece of string and a ruler. We will focus on the basics: Bust, Waist and Hips.

BUST. Pull the measuring tape around the fullest part of your bust. Just breathe normally and be relaxed and leave about a finger-width of room. (It is also to know your cup size for swimsuits, halters, etc.)

WAIST . OK, for the waist measurement don’t go to where your jeans end. Your waist is actually the smallest part of your torso. Approximately, it is about where your rib cage ends and near where your belly button is.

HIPS. Again,there is a common misconception of where this actually is– the hip is not where the top of your hipbone is, it is around the fullest part of your hip and the widest part of your butt. Its better to be accurate than to have an ego, ladies!Think you got it? And just incase you didn’t already know, any ArielSimone garment can be made custom to your measurements. Happy measuring and may all your custom garments fit PERFECTLY from now on!


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