Weekly Wednesday Guest Blogger Series

Hello!  My name is Lucie Jane and I am the newest guest blogger here at ArielSimone.  I am currently a junior at the University of Minnesota, studying Apparel Design and Retail Merchandising.  I write my own fashion blog, Green Eye Musings, and will be writing here about life as a student and life in the local fashion scene.

A bit about me!  I love fashion, and the fashion world.  I have my own budding line, Lucie Jane Apparel,  which I am in the process of launching right now.  I am very interested in plus size womenswear and designing for sizes other than “straight size”.  I model through an agency here in the twin cities and have been able to meet lots of people in the industry through that route.

In fact, last weekend I had the opportunity to be involved in a photo shoot where I wore ArielSimone clothing!  Aaron Lamaar, an intern at ArielSimone, and myself styled the shoot and pulled looks from past AS collections to create the look he was going for.  We shot at the Walker Art Center with five models including myself.  It was so much fun– the clothes were beautiful and the photographer, Kevin C. Walker,  was professional and creative and the shots (without any editing) look great!

Post shoot! From left; me, Aaron Lamaar, Lydia Mae (another model)


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