A Jill of All Trades….

Since June 2011, and incidentally since the launch of our official site (and blog), we have had the pleasure of working with Nkechi Njaka, business design and visionary consultant. We hired her as an independent contractor for site concept design as well as contributing fashion and lifestyle writer. And while she may prefer to support from behind the scenes, we are bringing her out of her closet and proudly presenting our newest ArielSimone staff! Fashionistas, meet our new Director of Operations and Communications.


To sum it up, Nkechi is sort of a Jill of all Trades, which we love. Her strategy, analytical and research skills come from her background in science while her creativity and aesthetics come from her background in visual arts. Plus, having a personal sense of style can never hurt. Did you know that Nkechi studied neuroscience at the University of Edinburgh which is also where she held an Artist in Residency award for choreography? Smart and Stylish to boot! When Nkechi is not pondering the relationship between mind, body and lifestyle (or handling ArielSimone affairs), you can find Nkechi spending time with family, friends or with her boyfriend.


We are lucky to have such an interdisciplinist (yes, a word Nkechi coined herself) as a contributor to our fashion blog, and you will be able read more from her style perspective later this year. She is also co-author of the well-known wedding and lifestyle blog Charcoal&Lace. Welcome to ArielSimone, Nkechi! We expect great, great things from you!


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