MN Fashionweek Kick-off Party at Lurcat

We were SO excited when we heard that the MN FashionWeek Kick-off Party would be hosted at Café Lurcat and Bar Lurcat. One of our favorite Minneapolis dining spots, Lurcat is located in the historic Loring Corners among a smattering of  galleries, shops and storefronts. It also is conveniently situated on the edge of downtown Minneapolis, adjacent to Walker Art Center. It’s such a gorgeous little corner and we always feel super sophisticated spending time over there. In our humble opinion, it was the perfect place to host a fashion party.

However, in our other humble opinion, we were extremely disappointed with the turnout! We expected far more Minneapolis fashionistas and other industry people to show up fabulously dressed and ready for a photograph. Instead, it was a rather underwhelming gathering that felt somewhat like a friend of a friends’ birthday party where we weren’t sure if we were in the right place, and once we knew we were, we struggled to make conversation with friends we didn’t already know. We feel pretty strongly that the Minneapolis fashion community should be an inclusive yet tight-knit community, where newbies, up and comers and the more-seasoned can all unite with the same goal of encouraging the fashion community to flourish.



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