New Fall Looks for Purchase

Drape Cape – $79

Versatility is key for the cooler months, and this drape cape is the perfect piece. One size fits all. This cape is great draped around your neck, tied in the front, or just hanging loose. This garment can be made in a variety of fabrics to match what you already have in your closet. You will have fun dressing this piece up with sparkling jewelry, or dressing it down with jeans and a simple top.

Sheer Long Sleeve Dress with Bodysuit – $169

Sexy and elegant, this sheer dress has 4 way stretch for comfort. This garment consists of two pieces, the bodysuit, and the sheer dress. The draping on the arms adds style, while the hemline hits right at the knee. This bodysuit is available in Black, Purple, and White, while the sheer dress is available in Purple, Nude, Royal Blue, and Yellow Lace, so you can mix and match to your liking.

Drape Back Long Sleeved Top – $69

If you love to be comfortable and chic then this top is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Made in a stretch lycra, this top can also be worn to your yoga class! Available in multiple colors and sleeve lengths.

All of these items can be purchased online here.


The Walker Art Center’s Most Fashionable

The Walker Art Center’s Most Fashionable

This past Friday we had the opportunity to go to the Walker Art Center’s late night party for their newest exhibition Graphic Design: Now in Production. We were pleasantly surprised at the range of different art pieces there! So many interactive pieces that were really fun. We definitely recommend it and might see you there again.

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While roaming through the different exhibitions, we saw some wonderfully dressed patrons all in the monochromatic theme inspired by Pantone, the infamous color company. Here’s what a few of them had to say once we stopped and talked to them!

Name: Maya Page

Age: 30

Who are you wearing? Green Leather Booties: Adidas, SLVR. Corduroy Whale Pants: TIBI. T-Shirt: random T-shirt! Handbag: Cavalcanti

Where do you get your fashion inspiration from? From my booties! I love the urban, clean SLVR line from Adidas. I wanted to go as one color so it all stemmed from these monochromatic shoes.

What is going to be your signature color for this winter? Orange. Always.

Favorite winter-time meal? Favorite winter indulgence would be mac n’ cheese with a brown crispy top.

Name: Jahna Peloquin

Age: 29

Who are you wearing tonight? The dress is vintage from a friend. The shoes are from Charlotte Russe, pink plastic star earrings from some mall store, sheer pink tights were from Target.

Where do you get your fashion inspiration? Wherever I can get it. Fashion magazines and blogs, obviously, but also retro TV shows and movies– everything from “Mad Men” and “My Fair Lady” to “My So Called Life” and “Blossom.”

What is going to be your signature color for this winter? Wine, especially for lips and nails.

How do you stay warm AND fashionable in the Minnesota chill? Plenty of fur (vintage, mind you), leather gloves, chunky knits, and stylish yet snow-proof boots.

There were so many monochromatic hues that looked great that night! Here are a few more that we saw!

Thursday Trendsetter: Johnnie Walker

When we were in NYC for Fashion Week, we had the chance to sit down with up-and-comer Johnnie Walker. We took some time out of shooting the shit to get the scoop on what makes him unique and what makes us want to share the good news!

AS: Tell us about yourself.

JW: I’m Johnnie Walker of Spaghetti Boys… I grew up in Queens, NY.  Moved to Elmont, Long Island.  I’ve been rapping since I could talk, though it didn’t start sounding good until a few years ago.

AS: So how do you know Adrienne?

JW: I met Adrienne like freshman-week of college.  I don’t remember exactly how it all started but I’m pretty sure she was rocking a very unfashionable racing-inspired track jacket.  I have a picture of us chilling freshman year somewhere and she has this blue racing-esque monstrosity on.  Oh, how things change.  Anyway, we’ve been friends since day one.

AS: How would you describe your creative process?

JW: My creative process is pretty spontaneous.  I usually have something I want to say in mind and I’ll even go as far as to write it out.  But most of the time, my producer would have me judge one of his newest beats and I’ll construct the song right there on the spot and bang it out.  Like dude, I’m not going home without being on that beat.  It becomes pretty much a priority to dismiss the old shit and get on the new shit. It’s better that way, as I can’t wait to go home and play the new joint over and over.  It makes it more fresh and more new cause fuck the delivery/bars/etc, I just wanna hear that fire ass beat.

AS: Got any cool projects you working on? What’s on your horizon?

JW: Right now, I’m working on a lot of projects simultaneously.  We’re finishing up a video for Hiss, a song off the Love Drug LP, this month.  I’m working on the next LP, Devolish.  I’ve also got a promotional mix tape coming out in the near future… having a lot of fun with those concepts, which give me more freedom to just have fun than an LP does, which is more theme driven.  And shows… no tours or anything.  We ain’t that big, but I am spitting my ass off in local venues around NY.  Having a hell of a lot of fun with that.

AS: How do you stay motivated?

JW: I stay motivated cause there is nothing else I’d rather do.  I spent my life doing all kinds of shit I didn’t really want to do.  Working certain jobs, studying certain subjects.  I got through all that stress by making music.  When I finally sat back and got the strength to stand up and say ‘fuck that’ I realized it was music that kept me from blowing out my brains.  I know that sounds crazy graphic, but we all need our release.  Rap is mine.

AS: Tell us about something that happened to you recently.

7.  When I was partying hard in NYC one crazy night, I saw this rusty ass bracelet on the dance floor.  It wasn’t gold or anything, just a rusty silver.  I put it in my pocket.  10 minutes later, I saw it again on the floor.  I was like “What the hell,” picked it up, and put it in my pocket.  When I got home, I realized they were two different bracelets, they looked exactly the same, save for different discolorations and what not.  I started rocking ’em and I never take them off.  Something about ’em scream NY… and I want that to be apart of me everywhere I go.  One man’s trash…

AS: Any advice you’d give to aspiring artists?

JW: Don’t stop.  Don’t ever stop.  The thing about artists, the really good ones, is that we’re too fragile for this world.  We need something to keep us from destroying ourselves.  We need to be both understood and misunderstood at the same time.  You get us.  You don’t get us.  Don’t let the people that don’t get you talk you into stopping.  Do it for the people that do.

Church Mix2.2	2:10	Johnnie Walker	Love Drug			1
Roll Mix 3	3:16	Johnnie Walker	Love Drug

For a listen….check out this video:

Living the Golden Life with 96.3Fashion Now!!

This past Thursday we had the wonderful opportunity to show in the seasonal 96.3Fashion Now show at the Fineline Music Café produced by IAmMoody Productions and sponsored by Michelob Golden Light. ArielSimone has been showing with the station since its runway show inception back in 2009 and the shows have just been getting better with each passing season. We love showing at the Fineline because of its cozy atmosphere, great stage lighting, and upstairs section, which was the VIP area with free food and Golden Lights!

Once again, we got to work with the amazing Christopher Straub, and for the first time Design Collective showed some looks! We got the chance to really connect with one of the Design Collective designers Marissa Bridges. Also showing in that segment were a few other designers from the local boutique. Keiona Cook also showed looks. Although she is a newcomer to the Minnesota fashion show scene, she has been designing for private clients for quite some time now. Second Debut had a section of furs and dresses, which was kinda fun. Jungle Red Salon was on the hair that evening.

Last and certainly not least, we have to mention that ArielSimone and Golden Life looks were fashioned with jewels and gems from our girl Jennifer Scheffler, the designer of Realia by Jen. We met through IAmMoody at an event last year and have been collaborating ever since. This is the second fashion show that we have done together and her jewels go perfectly with our customer (you’ll notice them a lot in our photos)! Basically, we love Jen and her bling SO MUCH it makes us want to cry– no joke! How awesome is it that she got to waltz down the runway with these two pieces of eye candy by her side?!

The show started without a hitch, thanks to the timely and professional IAmMoody Production team– which only added to the already great reputation of the show. Because of the radio station’s obvious connections in the industry they always have popular artists come perform live at the show, this season we got to see Brunette, who strutted around the stage barely clothed! They sounded great, but looked like video vixens, not the next top musical group.

For our segment we showed half of a collection (6 looks) for the current Fall/Winter season. Our trends for the season include long skirts, nude colors, and sheers. We created a lot of separates for this collection–which is different for us, but separates are selling great right now, so we gotta give the people what they want!

{Peter Jamus Photography}

You can find more photos of the show by clicking on these links. Or by checking the ArielSimone Facebook Fan Page or the 96.3 NOW Face Book Fan Page.

Drooling yet? Check for all our looks on etsy— they will soon be ready for purchase! And Realia by Jen can also be purchased online or on etsy as well , since we know you’ll need some bling.

How to Accurately Measure Yourself

We have been in the process of launching our fist video blog (vlog), which has been really exciting to plan. We have spent quite a bit of time sitting around thinking of ideas and finally decided that it would be fitting to have our first vlog be about how to measure yourself correctly. It is a definite need-to-know in the industry….so why not just take a sec and give the fashion world our version of a public service announcement? Especially after yesterday’s fitting (in prep for our Fashion Show, which is TONIGHT!), we believe that when asked, you should probably just know your accurate measurements. So just as a teaser before we shoot the real vlog, we have the abridge version sans video. Just as useful. Enjoy!

First, what you will need: measuring tape. Or if you don’t have that, a piece of string and a ruler. We will focus on the basics: Bust, Waist and Hips.

BUST. Pull the measuring tape around the fullest part of your bust. Just breathe normally and be relaxed and leave about a finger-width of room. (It is also to know your cup size for swimsuits, halters, etc.)

WAIST . OK, for the waist measurement don’t go to where your jeans end. Your waist is actually the smallest part of your torso. Approximately, it is about where your rib cage ends and near where your belly button is.

HIPS. Again,there is a common misconception of where this actually is– the hip is not where the top of your hipbone is, it is around the fullest part of your hip and the widest part of your butt. Its better to be accurate than to have an ego, ladies!Think you got it? And just incase you didn’t already know, any ArielSimone garment can be made custom to your measurements. Happy measuring and may all your custom garments fit PERFECTLY from now on!

Weekly Wednesday Guest Blogger Series

Hello!  My name is Lucie Jane and I am the newest guest blogger here at ArielSimone.  I am currently a junior at the University of Minnesota, studying Apparel Design and Retail Merchandising.  I write my own fashion blog, Green Eye Musings, and will be writing here about life as a student and life in the local fashion scene.

A bit about me!  I love fashion, and the fashion world.  I have my own budding line, Lucie Jane Apparel,  which I am in the process of launching right now.  I am very interested in plus size womenswear and designing for sizes other than “straight size”.  I model through an agency here in the twin cities and have been able to meet lots of people in the industry through that route.

In fact, last weekend I had the opportunity to be involved in a photo shoot where I wore ArielSimone clothing!  Aaron Lamaar, an intern at ArielSimone, and myself styled the shoot and pulled looks from past AS collections to create the look he was going for.  We shot at the Walker Art Center with five models including myself.  It was so much fun– the clothes were beautiful and the photographer, Kevin C. Walker,  was professional and creative and the shots (without any editing) look great!

Post shoot! From left; me, Aaron Lamaar, Lydia Mae (another model)

A Jill of All Trades….

Since June 2011, and incidentally since the launch of our official site (and blog), we have had the pleasure of working with Nkechi Njaka, business design and visionary consultant. We hired her as an independent contractor for site concept design as well as contributing fashion and lifestyle writer. And while she may prefer to support from behind the scenes, we are bringing her out of her closet and proudly presenting our newest ArielSimone staff! Fashionistas, meet our new Director of Operations and Communications.


To sum it up, Nkechi is sort of a Jill of all Trades, which we love. Her strategy, analytical and research skills come from her background in science while her creativity and aesthetics come from her background in visual arts. Plus, having a personal sense of style can never hurt. Did you know that Nkechi studied neuroscience at the University of Edinburgh which is also where she held an Artist in Residency award for choreography? Smart and Stylish to boot! When Nkechi is not pondering the relationship between mind, body and lifestyle (or handling ArielSimone affairs), you can find Nkechi spending time with family, friends or with her boyfriend.


We are lucky to have such an interdisciplinist (yes, a word Nkechi coined herself) as a contributor to our fashion blog, and you will be able read more from her style perspective later this year. She is also co-author of the well-known wedding and lifestyle blog Charcoal&Lace. Welcome to ArielSimone, Nkechi! We expect great, great things from you!