Fashioned: One Becomes Another (RECAP)

Details:Opening Reception. Saturday, September 17, 2011. 7 p.m. – 10 p.m. Anita Sue Kolman Gallery (in Gallery for viewing from September 10-October 29, 2011).

{Source: ArielSimone Photo Team}

{Source: ArielSimone Photo Team}

World premiere of eight original Christopher Straub designs fashioned from abstract paintings on canvas by Patrick Kemal Pryor.

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RECAP: We were greeted by a collection of limes at the bottom of the first level staircase…Symbolism? Directions? Art? Random? We followed the stairs and at each turn, the pile of limes continued to invite us closer and closer to the actual event space. Finally we arrived to a room full of art admirers, fragranced with the sweet combination of chocolate and wine.

As a friend of Christophers’ (remember our Spotlight feature?), we really didn’t know what to expect when we decided to go support him, but we were pleasantly surprised to see a true showing of art mixed with fashion. The gallery space was great, ample room to walk around, and  360 degrees view of all of the garments. Eight models stood on podiums in complete deadpan faces.The lighting was perfect (and we all know how important lighting is after Friday’s Envision Show).  And while beautiful, none of the pieces looked particularly ready-to-wear. We will explain that in a minute.

We can only imagine the artistic process  for the collection…for designer Christopher Straub and painter Patrick Kemal Pryor, which came first? The paintings? The construction of the garment? The sketches? The sketches, then the cutting of the canvas, then the painting? We have the answer. Patrick painted canvasses, and then Christopher cut and sewed the actual canvas into garments– making them a definite art piece instead of a ready-to-wear garment. The  eight garments were made out of three different paintings. One a chalky peach painting, one was a vivid red, and one a sea blue. We can only imagine how large these paintings were to make all of these pieces! All the garments were on sale that evening and will be sold as art pieces, including a mannequin display (how cool is that?)!

{Source: ArielSimone Photo Team}

{Source: ArielSimone Photo Team}

Christopher seemed right in his element floating around the room in conversation while being photographed non-stop all evening. We are happy to say this is one of the better showings we have been to. The models’ styling was clean, the lighting and platforms were perfect. We also appreciated how Christopher closed his presentation the same way he introduced his collection… with empty mannequins, walking each individual model out one by one, replacing the mannequin, only later, to relieve them one by one, and place the dress and dress-form back on the platform. Overall a very clean and well presented collaboration.


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