Happy Weekend: Vintage Inspired Tie Suit

Happy  Friday! Do you have any fun weekend plans? We sure had a blast last weekend– dressing up, meeting new friends and dancing are always a fun way to  conclude a crazy busy week. Our night lead us to interesting places and people– we discovered an underground Jamaican dance culture and witnessed the Dutty Wine head dance first hand. (If you don’t know what it is, Google it.) I don’t know if this weekend will top that level of excitement but we will certainly let you know if it does.

We wanted to allow you to discover a little something just as exciting, especially for those of you headed to a lake cabin or boat party….

{Want this?}

Doesn’t this image just make you want to go to the beach RIGHT NOW and doze off after reading a great book?!?!

Yeah, you know you want this! Perfect for all fabulous figures,  this swimsuit has vintage inspired high-waisted, full coverage botoms. There is an adjustable neck band that goes around the bandeau top for support. Delightful!  Have a wonderful weekend!!


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