We know that you have been waiting for the New York Fashion Week photos that we promised earlier. Well, you don’t need to wait any longer! We have carefully sifted through the hundreds of photos from last spring, which have forecasted this summer and this falls’ collections.

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NYFW was on Sept 12th, 2010 and the spring/summer swimwear for 2011 was presented in true designer fashion. All of these items shown are available to purchase now and we want to let you in on a lil’ secret– fall items will be available come August.  We asked Adrienne what the 5 most amazing things about New York Fashion Week. She said…

  1. Meeting everyone in the industry– from other designers, PR companies, bloggers, magazine reps, to hair and makeup people
  2. Traveling to NYC
  3. Having the opportunity to show on the biggest stage– there’s no show like a NYFW show!
  4. Having my best friends and family there to help backstage, and their support at the show
  5. All the free press after the show

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And for all of you industry people and emerging designers, we asked Adrienne if there was any thing that she didn’t know about NYFW that one would want to/need to know about the New York Fashion week experience:
You arrive at the venue for a pre-setup in a set location. Then only an hour before your show, you move everything backstage as the designer before you is moving out of backstage from their just completed show. In that hour, the whole area is cleared out, cleaned, re-stocked, and set back up for the doors to re-open and for the next show to start. Its the most stressful time ever trying to get everything setup in an hour and ready. Plus, the show producers are NUTS– they get overwhelmed sometimes handling so many things. As a designer the ENTIRE show is your grand stage for the duration of your show– lighting, music, clothes (obviously), models, hair, makeup, seating, drinks, venue, etc. There’s so much that goes into doing a NYFW show; putting one on is extremely expensive. Having a wonderful PR company behind your show is KEY!

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