Via da all’Italia!

Or in other words, off to Italy! In exactly one week, Adrienne is embarking on a 9 day trip to both Rome and Florence. We can hardly wait for the adventure!

{Photo Source}

Italy is a popular travel spot– stunning Mediterranean coastlines and an ideal climate make it an appealing top choice for a summer vacation. We’ve heard that a great balance of traditional Italian culture and architect exists as well as bustling city life, world-famous landmarks, exquisite cuisine, wonderful fashion and a vibrant nightlife. (We have also heard that two scoops of Gelato daily are simply a must.)

{Photo Source}

Hopefully there is time for everything, especially since Adrienne will be doing a Fall Preview of the ArielSimone‘s trends for the upcoming season. She will be tweeting as she gallivants through amazing new cultural territory, so stay connected!

Have you ever been to Italy? Tell us your favorite discovery or travel recommendations! Oh and have a luxuriously long weekend!


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