Project Runway Season 9!

OMG, we can’t even TELL you how excited we were to watch the season premier of Project Runway Season 9! So of course we know what you are thinking: When will ArielSimone make their debut on the hit reality TV show? We asked Adrienne if she would ever consider it:

I dont think I have a TV personality, but almost every client and stranger asks me that question. My mom also tries to pressure me into applying.

Even though it is early in the season, we already have a favorite. We asked Adrienne: Who is your favorite Season 9 contestant and why are you rooting for them!?

Danielle Everine of course! Because she’s a MN native!

Minneapolis’ very own Danielle Everine is a contestant who successfully got through last night’s PJ challenge and we are so proud to be rooting for a local designer and friend.

Happy Weekend: Vintage Inspired Tie Suit

Happy  Friday! Do you have any fun weekend plans? We sure had a blast last weekend– dressing up, meeting new friends and dancing are always a fun way to  conclude a crazy busy week. Our night lead us to interesting places and people– we discovered an underground Jamaican dance culture and witnessed the Dutty Wine head dance first hand. (If you don’t know what it is, Google it.) I don’t know if this weekend will top that level of excitement but we will certainly let you know if it does.

We wanted to allow you to discover a little something just as exciting, especially for those of you headed to a lake cabin or boat party….

{Want this?}

Doesn’t this image just make you want to go to the beach RIGHT NOW and doze off after reading a great book?!?!

Yeah, you know you want this! Perfect for all fabulous figures,  this swimsuit has vintage inspired high-waisted, full coverage botoms. There is an adjustable neck band that goes around the bandeau top for support. Delightful!  Have a wonderful weekend!!

vaycaySTYLE: Beach Trip Essentials For Your Travel!

Last week we were featured on Whipped Style’s fashion blog! Rachel Smith, a print maker who has an etsy and personal blog, detailed her summer vacation essentials in a fantastic post about summer travel. We love all of her picks, and especially love that she chose the ArielSimone drape tank!

{Want this?}

Have any exciting travel plans coming up? Read full article: vaycaySTYLE: Beach Trip Essentials For Your Travel! | whippedSTYLE.


We know that you have been waiting for the New York Fashion Week photos that we promised earlier. Well, you don’t need to wait any longer! We have carefully sifted through the hundreds of photos from last spring, which have forecasted this summer and this falls’ collections.

{Photo Source}

NYFW was on Sept 12th, 2010 and the spring/summer swimwear for 2011 was presented in true designer fashion. All of these items shown are available to purchase now and we want to let you in on a lil’ secret– fall items will be available come August.  We asked Adrienne what the 5 most amazing things about New York Fashion Week. She said…

  1. Meeting everyone in the industry– from other designers, PR companies, bloggers, magazine reps, to hair and makeup people
  2. Traveling to NYC
  3. Having the opportunity to show on the biggest stage– there’s no show like a NYFW show!
  4. Having my best friends and family there to help backstage, and their support at the show
  5. All the free press after the show

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And for all of you industry people and emerging designers, we asked Adrienne if there was any thing that she didn’t know about NYFW that one would want to/need to know about the New York Fashion week experience:
You arrive at the venue for a pre-setup in a set location. Then only an hour before your show, you move everything backstage as the designer before you is moving out of backstage from their just completed show. In that hour, the whole area is cleared out, cleaned, re-stocked, and set back up for the doors to re-open and for the next show to start. Its the most stressful time ever trying to get everything setup in an hour and ready. Plus, the show producers are NUTS– they get overwhelmed sometimes handling so many things. As a designer the ENTIRE show is your grand stage for the duration of your show– lighting, music, clothes (obviously), models, hair, makeup, seating, drinks, venue, etc. There’s so much that goes into doing a NYFW show; putting one on is extremely expensive. Having a wonderful PR company behind your show is KEY!

Grey Is the Perfect Overcast Color

Oh, what to do when your iphone weather widget informs you that it’s going to be overcast all week?  If you are anything like us, seasonal affect can take its toll when the sun doesn’t shine (how do Londoners do it!?). Rather than wallow in gloom, think of ways to add splashes of color to your day to make it less depressing. Even if it’s just your eye shadow and your lip color.

Need a visual? Check out this hot ArielSimone pairing. Perfect for an overcast day like today, where it feels slightly too chilly for summer (low 70s and cloudy) but not too cold to forget that it’s July. The combination of grey and hot pink are gorgeous.

{Photo Source}

This beautifully handcrafted top has long sleeves to create gathering at the wrists. There is a four-way stretch to this fabric for comfort. Available in Grey (shown), Purple, and Nude. Per usual, this  item can be made in SOLID colors and prints if you’re not into the sheer.

{Want this?}

Kaboodle Cool Collections

We are so excited to share that we were featured on the popular site Kaboodle this week. And who doesn’t love an alliteration?!

If you haven’t heard of Kaboodle (and not the kind we used back in the early 90s to store makeup, jewelry making beads, Barbie clothes and the like), then we are honored to introduce you to this  thriving online shopping community.  We are huge fans of this social shopping community where people can simply find style friends, track trends and save favorite finds– its such a great resource.  It’s also really an effective shopping tool that  allows you to stay organized through shopping lists while discovering new things from other shoppers with similar style. And at the very heart of Kaboodle is an engaging community of fun people who love to shop. Community members can create and join groups, share advice or feedback and make suggestions. Other cool features are personalized profiles with polls and other widgets and discounts on popular products and tools to help you find best prices. Totally amazing.

And so is this killer suit, if we do say so ourselves. This week, the ArielSimone  Vintage Inspired Color Pop Halter Swim Suit was on their Cool Collection Trend List. We are stoked, especially since it’s a summer favorite of ours too. Have a great weekend!

Happy Independence Day!

We hope that you’ve had the perfect long weekend and are still celebrating in absolute style! Maybe you’ve taken a vacay with your honey, beaching it with your besties or are spending time with your family in traditional BBQ fashion– what ever the case may be, we hope that you had at least a moment to think about the meaning of independence. It’s OK if you haven’t yet, normally its all about the fireworks for us too.

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With that being said, a little history lesson can never hurt, especially on a topic that still has such significant relevance today and one that can apply to all of us individually…

It has been 235 years since the drafting and signing of The Declaration of Independence by our America’s founders. In 1776, a group of courageous people risked their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor for a dream of freedom and sweet autonomy from an imperial power. Pretty magnificent.

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 independence: freedom from control or influence of another or others; autonomy

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So, tell us….how did you spend your Fourth of July!?!

Via da all’Italia!

Or in other words, off to Italy! In exactly one week, Adrienne is embarking on a 9 day trip to both Rome and Florence. We can hardly wait for the adventure!

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Italy is a popular travel spot– stunning Mediterranean coastlines and an ideal climate make it an appealing top choice for a summer vacation. We’ve heard that a great balance of traditional Italian culture and architect exists as well as bustling city life, world-famous landmarks, exquisite cuisine, wonderful fashion and a vibrant nightlife. (We have also heard that two scoops of Gelato daily are simply a must.)

{Photo Source}

Hopefully there is time for everything, especially since Adrienne will be doing a Fall Preview of the ArielSimone‘s trends for the upcoming season. She will be tweeting as she gallivants through amazing new cultural territory, so stay connected!

Have you ever been to Italy? Tell us your favorite discovery or travel recommendations! Oh and have a luxuriously long weekend!