First Day of Summer

The first day of summer is FINALLY here. After our horrible Midwestern winter that seeped into the spring like a runny nose, it seriously felt like it would never happen for us.

{Photo Source}{Photo Source}

At last! The time has come where the weather is above 75 and the nights are longer…which means outdoor activities can last well into the evening! It’s almost too exciting to talk about.

{Photo Source}

As you know, ArielSimone isn’t just about women’s clothing. We very much are about women, but we love our little fashion niche of swimwear. We simply revel in the delights of designer bathing suits and can’t wait to show them all off to you. Expect amazing photos from our New York Fashion Week presentation of our Spring/Summer line as well as the amazing suits (clearly meant for luxurious lounging) that are currently being designed. It’s going to positively be an unforgettable summer with irresistible style.

{Want this?}

 So how could the first day of summer not be a special day on the ArielSimone calendar?!


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