Hot off the Press

Page 26! ArielSimone is simply thrilled to be featured in the June 2011 issue of Essence Magazine! Designing this ruffled bathing suit was so much fun and wearing it will be equally enjoyable. Imagine all those summer days spent lounging by the pool drinking lemonade (who are we kidding– pass the Mojito, please!)….we’re feeling amazing just thinking about it.

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Oh and good news! This happens to be one of the most flattering suits for EVERY figure! Bold floral summer print in bright colors will most certainly show off your gorgeous tan! And this flattering balconae halter style top!? Sexy boobs in seconds AND great for all cup sizes. Customizable bottoms for maximum, medium OR minimum coverage, underneath the skirt. Feeling creative? This suit is fully customizable so other fabric options, straps and skirt lengths are available for you. We are positive that this will be your favorite suit of the season and we want to make sure that it will be!

{Photo Source: Essence Magazine}


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