A Success Dress

What have you got planned this weekend? Adrienne is out taking LA by the horns in the most fashionable way posible. Even if you have no plans at this moment for anything special, we have something that is.

This provincial inspired dress is a wonderful addition to any wardrobe and an ArielSimone favorite.

Plain and simple: The generous, billowy sleeves look great with the gathered skirt. As seen above and below, this combination looks fantastic belted or not. The fabric in this dress gives a comfortable, rustic feel– appropriate for a Friday night out with the girls or a Saturday morning brunch.

We LOVE the zipper detail around the neckline (we will let you in on a little secret: they are an adorable and trendy addition), while the bodice has a wonderfully fitted shape. But the best part is saved for last! This piece has large pockets hidden in the pleated circle skirt  that can hold many items without making the skirt look weighed down. This means you can go for that smaller purse after all!

Simply can’t resist the temptation?!?! Its all yours!


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